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When integrating creative images is an important part of your job, the place whence you get them has to be picked wisely. So, in an effort to make the best choices in terms of quality and cost, you search and search – sometimes for hours.

This is not the case anymore, because I’ve recently learned about a service that finds what you need in no-time at all, and pays you to make the purchase.


Lootback is a brilliant platform that connects creative professionals with the stock photo industry’s most preeminent merchants, and then rewards every single acquisition it intermediated. The money comes from the microstock agencies themselves, who issue a certain commission every time you buy a royalty-free image. Lootback is on the receiving end of this bonus, but it splits everything with you – the client. The routine repeats itself whenever you acquire a stock file, so your winnings grow larger with time.

I will show you what a breeze it is to make it work. Let’s assume that you’re typing in the keyword “Christmas” in Lootback’s search box and hit Enter. You will see that the next page gathered all relevant themes, videos, images, and illustrations from 7 prestigious stock photo agencies (Shutterstock, Thinkstock, iStock, Deposit Photos, Graphicriver, Videohive, and Themeforest) and placed them at your doorstep. Hence, you can check them out all in one place and this saves so much time. However, if you want to leave some of those agencies out, tick them off in the filters on the left side of your screen. You could select the exact file type that you’re looking for, just as well.

Lootback Christmas

When you find something worthwhile, select it. Lootback will kindly ask you to provide your email address and a password in order to create your account – a crucial stage, so don’t sidestep it. In a few seconds, you’ll be sent to where your file is. As you reach the agency, buy the item like you normally would; only be careful to pay with prepaid credits, as opposed to enrolling in some subscription plan.

Lootback Cashback Envato

The purchase instantly registers in your Lootback account, and it takes less than 12 hours for its correlated Cash Back to appear, as well. The more you buy in this manner, the bigger your total count is. Cashing out is possible in 7 to 90 days, and this depends entirely on the target stock photo agencies – because they process the reports in their own time. But when the coast is clear, you can retrieve your earnings with Paypal.

It’s unbelievably simple, and there is no hidden catch. Get your creative assets via Lootback, and earn Cash Back without putting in any extra work.

Lootback Create Account

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