A Few Short Tips on Creating Classy Business Cards

Design trends in 2011 saw a sharp increase in unique and creative business card styles. While funky and cool elements were high on the list, classy business card designs still reign supreme for those who want an upscale feel.

Michael Kenyon Business Card

Classy or Trashy?

In reviewing the most popular traits for a modern and elegant look, the basic principles of traditional design remain unchanged. However, there is a fine line between too much and not enough. Colour and texture were two common areas that can be manipulated, while still maintaining a classical feel.


There are few things as essential as colour when it comes to creating classy business cards. While this element may be limited somewhat by the business logo and colour scheme, there are a few reoccurring themes that work well.

Monochromatic colour schemes are a great choice for combining simplicity and being expressive. As the old adage says, sometimes less is more. The classiest business cards used a solid background, such as black or white, combined with de-bossing to make a statement.

The logo or image is stamped into the card, and varying shades of the background colour is used to imprint vital information. Other popular colour combinations included chocolaty brown accents, with a solid background of red, green, or baby blue. These contrasting schemes work well when combined with traditional stylistic elements, such as scrolls.


Classy business cards make an impression with more than just visual effects. The way that they feel is important too. For this reason, people are turning to texture as a means of standing out from the crowd. Silk is one choice that is growing in popularity due to the smooth feel of it. While considered very high end, it can be embellished with foil stamping or die cutting to make them unique.

Sandblasting produces some very interesting results. KoiPixel Studio Creation’s card uses this technique to create the effect of fish scales on a gold background. The logo and contact information were laser engraved in black. Made by Luxury Business Cards, the results are very memorable.

Luxury Business Card

The appearance of hand stitching on a business card was another technique that produced a dramatic, yet classy, business card. This not only added visual interest, but also changed the way that the card felt, to make an impression. A simple pale blue card featuring a white imprinted banner sewn with red thread horizontally across the middle, resulted in a work of art that was unlikely to wind up in the trash.

Hand Stitched Business Cards

Examples of Classy Business Cards

Kyle Perry’s simplistic monotone embossed business card is a classy representation of style.

Kyle Perry Business Card

Grafana’s idea was to use a frosted, translucent business card that is elegant and modern.

Alvena uses an unusual colour combination, brown and orange, along with a creative shape to stand out.

Alvena Business Card

As one of the classiest designs, the Casino Tesoro business card by Taste of Ink, utilizes spot gloss highlights and foil accents.

Casino Tesoro Business Card

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