Creating a Bright Sparkled Text Effect in Photoshop

If you need something really noticeable and prominent for your poster titles or web designs, you may want to try out this effect. Fortunately, it is not that hard really to setup your own styled bright sparkles for text. In this special guide, we will show you the step-by-step process in achieving this. Let’s start!

Step 1

The initial step is of course setting up your background for the text effect. This effect wonÕt work well for lighter backgrounds. So once you setup your new document in Adobe Photoshop, you have to create a dark dynamic background for your design.

Of course avoid plain black. Use a gradient color matching the theme that you want to establish. In our example we used the gradient tool to add a dark blue to darker blue radial color gradient to the background (#41768b – #152328)

Step 2

With a nice dark gradient background ready we shall now setup our text. Using a font style of your choice, type in the title you need for your design using the text type tool. It is recommended though that you use a font style that is thick so that the outlines for our bright sparkles effect can be more visibly seen.

In this example, we just used the widely available Impact font. Using the character panel, we set the size to 200pt, the tracking to 100 (av icon) and set the text to italic.

Step 3

Now with that set, double click on the text layer to access its layer styles. Click on the option for “outer glow” and then set these properties.

a. Blend Mode: Vivid Light

b. Color: #ffffff

c. Size: 10

d. Range: 100%

Step 4

Then, click on the blending options. In the advanced area, reduce the “Fill Opacity” to 0%.

Step 5

That should give you a nice glow to your text. The next stage is to paint our outlines with those bright sparkles. The first step is to create a work path. Just right click on the text layer and select the option to “create work path”.

Step 6

Good, now we are ready to paint our sparkles outline. Before that though, we will modify a brush so that it becomes our sparkles. Go to the brush panel and then select the “Diamond Brush”. Afterwards, click on Create New Brush and name this brush “fiery sparkles”.

Step 7

With the new brush ready, click on Shape dynamics. Use these values:

a. Size jitter: 100%

b. Control: Pen Pressure

c. Minimum Diameter: 1%

d. Angle Jitter: 100%, Control: OFF

e. Roundness Jitter: 0%, Control: OFF

Step 8

Then click on “Scattering” and adjust these values.

a. Scatter: 204%, Control: OFF

b. Count: 1

c. Count Jitter: 98%, Control: Off

Step 9

Then click on “Other Dynamics” and then set these values:

a. Opacity Jitter: 35%, Control: OFF

b. Flow Jitter: 100%, Control: OFF

Step 10

Finally, click on “Wet Edges” and “smoothing”.

Step 11

Great! Now our brush is setup. Before we apply the sparkles, make sure that your foreground color is white. Create a new layer by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N. Also, click on the direct selection tool to make our path visible again. Once this is setup, right click on the path and select the option to “Stroke Path”.

Step 12

The stroke path dialog window will open. Choose “BRUSH” as your main option and click on OK.

Step 13

Once done, you will see that you will get white-gray sparkles on parts of your text.

Step 14

Now, we will make these sparkles look better. Just double click on the new layer of the sparkles to access their layer styles. First stop is to check the “Outer Glow” option. Then add these values to its properties.

a. Blend Mode: Color Dodge

b. Color: White #ffffff

Step 15

Next, click on the “Inner Glow” option and then set the color to a light blue (#d3f4f3).

Step 16

Finally, click on the Blending options settings. Change the Fill Opacity to 0%.

Step 17

We should now get this effect:

Step 18

Now, we will add more brush effects. Go back to the brush panel once again. This time, we will just edit an existing brush. Choose one of the fuzzy round brushes and then edit its properties.

a. Diameter: 50

b. Angle: 0

c. Roundness: 100%

d. Spacing: 25%

Step 19

Now, we will add more brush effects. Go back to the brush panel once again. This time, we will just edit an existing brush. Choose one of the fuzzy round brushes and then edit its properties.

a. Diameter: 50

b. Angle: 0

c. Roundness: 100%

d. Spacing: 25%

Step 20

Then set the Shape dynamics as follows:

a. Size Jitter: 100%

b. Minimum Diameter: 1%

c. Angle Jitter: 100%

d. Rest should be default

Step 21

Now, just like before we will apply our brush to the outline stroke of our text. Do this again by right clicking on the text layer and selecting “Create Work path”. Then setup the foreground color to a light yellow (#f8ff99). Create a new layer for this new brush effect to be rendered on. Just press CTRL+SHIFT+N. Then like before, with the direct selection tool, right click on the path and select “stroke path”. Use the brush setting when the window opens.

Step 22

Now, do not be alarmed by it being too “full”. Simply change the blend mode of our new layer to “Overlay” to get a creative glow effect.

Step 23

Now just look at your text. You now have a very bright, almost fiery type sparkle outlines for your text. Congratulations!

Written by Abel Wikie

Abel Wike is web content manager at, is well-known global leader and providing SSL security solution thousands of happy customers. If you are looking for upcoming challenges of website security with latest SSL technology Abel can help you. Follow her on Facebook & Twitter


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