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Time and content saving solution

When dealing with clients, designers often face the problem of receiving badly-written briefs which restraint them from getting to work right away. Whether they receive poor briefs which lack a lot of information, or ineffective ones, due to people that don’t know what they like or want, designers waste a lot of time and energy trying to get all the relevant information before starting the design process.

And getting this information about the client’s business and about his design preferences is vital for delivering great results and keeping them satisfied and happy.

Briefing no longer a pain

Briefix is a new tool which aims to help designers get complete and effective briefs from their clients. Compared to a simple form with all those blank spaces which scare people into abandoning the brief, Briefix is an easy to use and fun application, interacting through response options, suggestions, visual elements and even easy games. The client is guided through a series of steps in which he will supply his knowledge about the business, product or service, his design preferences and the specs on the project (such as deadline and budget). It’s some sort of magic having to go through a few steps of selecting, ticking and picking and then have a complete design brief appear in front of you.

Request an invite now

The tool is developed for designers to use with their clients and it is also meant to be a brief management tool. The beta version of Briefix will be launched around the end of April and in the meantime the tool is open for requesting invites.

For more information check out the Briefix website

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