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Until back a few years ago, creating you own social network with a small budget was virtually impossible. This market was available only for large players like Facebook and MySpace, and that because the development of a social networking platform implies a vast amount of knowledge and resources.

All that changed when Boonex released Dolphin. Dolphin was an open source social networking that worked right “out of the box”. You just needed to install and configure it and that was it … you had a social network.

In recent years the mobile market experienced a boom initiated by the release of the iPhone, iOS and the “app-driven mobile experience” and that meant a new world opened for developers and entrepreneurs. The mobile social networking apps market is still its early days and that is why Boonex released Boonex mobile, a mobile social networking software.

Boonex Mobile

BoonEx is the only company in the industry to offer open-source applications for both iPhone and Android that you can rebrand, customize and submit to app stores as your own. BoonEx Mobile Apps are closely integrated with Dolphin and offer a unique platform for expanding your social network reach to the mobile devices of your site’s members.

The iOS and Android apps are nearly identical in terms of looks and functionality. A great thing about both apps is that, being open-source, you can modify them, add functionality, change the design and UI, add extra modules and more.

Some of the features available in both apps are :

  • homepage with alerts
  • member profiles and friends browsing
  • sending/receiving site messages (Mailbox)
  • photos upload from device libraries
  • photos upload straight from camera
  • member photos browsing
  • full-screen photos viewer with auto-rotation
  • member videos browsing and playback
  • member music browsing and playback
  • connection to multiple Dolphin-based sites
  • remembering login info for multiple sites
  • instant status message updates
  • GPS-based location updates
  • friendship requests accepting/declining
  • location-based and keyword-based search
  • multilingual interface

Boonex iPhone App

On the usability and reliability side, in our experience with the apps these have proven to be very strong and easy to use. The speed was good even on the 3GS model, and both performed great on the latest versions of the iOS and Android operating systems.

Website : Boonex mobile website.

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