22 Dazzling Binder Designs to Give You a Burst of Creativity

Finding inspiration to create an amazing binder design can be tough. There are a lot of factors to consider – colors, fonts, images, and texture, to name a few. And while the outside of the binder is the most important part, you can’t forget the inside. Will the design continue on the binder’s panels? What about the pockets?

We’ve rounded up 22 incredible binder designs to give you the shot of inspiration you need. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Neiman Marcus
This Neiman Marcus binder is elegant and fun. A large black butterfly starts on the front and continues on the back, almost as if it is flying through a calm, blue sky. The ombré background gives the design a three-dimensional appearance; the bottom is dark and gradually lightens toward the top.

Hourigan Construction
Hourigan Construction’s strategic plan binder features the company’s logo and name on the green cover. Its logo is a capital H made of what looks like buildings the company would build. A larger logo covers the front of the modern design.

Widmer Interiors
Widmer Interiors’ funky, modern design uses a corporate gray and black background with a touch of red for excitement. Dark gray rays beam from the bold red box, emphasizing the workplace superheroes tagline. The back is subdued, with Widmer’s mission statement written in white to contrast with the formal black background.

Pokémon lovers will get a real treat with this binder from Kellogg’s. The bright yellow cover features the face of the franchise’s adorable star character, Pikachu, making it hard not to smile.

Vetmedin’s clean, crisp binder design features various types of embossed dogs covering the front. A small red heart is in the center to represent pet owners’ love of dogs.

Bamboo Hardwoods
Bamboo Hardwoods shows its connection to nature by using various shades of green on its binder. The round logo illustrates the unity between the company and Earth, while the sans serif font adds another modern element to the design.

Tigerpaw Software uses a fierce design for its implementation guide binder to play on the company’s animal name. The orange and black color scheme mimics a tiger’s stripes and matches the stripes in the logo. A paw in the logo is also reminiscent of the primal large cat.

Anna Rajdil, photographer

11" x 17" Hidden Screwpost Portfolio
Photographer Anna Rajdil uses this sleek, sophisticated binder for her portfolio. This simple design features a formal black cover with an embossed monogram. A red spine adds a bold accent to the design.

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
The Robert F. Kennedy Center uses blue and white to create part of the letter K on the front and back covers. Diamond and compass shapes throughout the design add another level of depth and create a textured look.

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures’ employment agreement binder looks like something found in a castle’s dungeon. Several lightning bolts draw the eye to the center, toward an image of Frankenstein. Chains hang from the corners, mimicking the other props you might find in a horrific dungeon.

Levi’s binder is covered with one of its products, complete with a working back pocket on the front cover. The company’s signature red tag hangs from the side of the pocket.

Lorrie Kelly, photographer

11" x 14" Leather Screw Post Portfolio
This brown leather binder serves as a portfolio for photographer Lorrie Kelly. The smooth cover features only Kelly’s name embossed in the corner, adding additional texture to the design.

Global Safety & Security, Inc.
Global Safety & Security, Inc.’s logo, which features a capital G inside a globe, acts as a background pattern and becomes brighter as the blue panel lightens into an ombré effect. This design (as well as the trusted blue and white color scheme) continues onto the pocket.

Filos Holidays & Travel
The cover of Filos Holidays & Travel makes a splash with its design. Various shades of blue mimic a wave of water spanning from the front to the back. This company will plan customers’ Greek vacations, full of fun in the sun as illustrated by the O in Filos, which looks like a bright, orange sun.

Ecological Industries
Images of Ecologic Industries’ products are on the cover of this binder. Green text helps establish the company’s commitment to the environment, while the serif font conveys a sense of dependability.

Lancet Glass
This Lancet Glass binder features the company’s monogram logo on the cover. The company uses a dependable blue and white color scheme with a splash of red to get clients’ attention. A square around the logo represents security and professionalism.

Avant Wallcovering
Avant went with an organic design, evoking the spirit of their eco-friendly products. A brown and green color scheme creates a natural, calm theme. Customers can trace the embossed leaf logo and company name with their fingers.

Design in Color
Designer Andrea Pippins uses bright colors for this binder, including a funky lime green spine. The crisp, white cover features three eyes stacked vertically in the center, each in a different color and using a different type of button as the pupil.

This binder’s gold and black color scheme represent luxury. Echelon’s premiere stapler is the star of the cover. The sans serif font adds another modern element to the design.

Minder Pet
Pet owners gain peace of mind with a place to organize their pet’s records and documents. The blue cover features Minder Pet’s paw print logo. Smaller images of a medical sign, food bowl, and airplane also appear in the logo to indicate the types of records pet owners can store in the binder.

Lifetime Lifepower Yoga
This yoga teacher certification binder features calming, cool colors. The front cover showcases a gorgeous, stylishly lit photo of a yoga enthusiast in a peaceful, natural setting.

The view from underneath a bridge dominates the cover of Parsons’ binder. Additional images of other projects in which the global engineering firm has participated are also displayed, accented with a cool, comforting blue color.

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