4 Ways Better Flyers and Leaflets Offer New Marketing Opportunities

If you’re a person who believes that leaflets and flyers are only flimsy single piece giveaways that disintegrate in the great British weather, think again. While some flyers are printed on recycled paper that isn’t coated to protect it from the rain, and will easily tear in your hands from a heavy gust of wind, there’s also another type of flyer that’s totally different.

What can new and improved leaflets and flyers do for you or your business?

Invitations to Attend
While it’s natural to not think of using a leaflet to send an invitation out in the post, the latest leaflet printing features multiple card thickness levels from 90 gsm right up to 350 gsm for the ultimate in toughened card stock. Leaflets can come with a matt finish or an attractive glossy one that has a coated seal on it for protection from accidental spills, bad weather or paper tears. With this level of quality, it’s difficult to describe an invitation as a leaflet because it doesn’t do it justice.
Some printers use a coated art paper-stock that includes polymer, chalk and two other elements combined together to produce its matte finish. For the glossy result, it’s necessary to put the invitations through a roller than exerts high pressure. The result is vibrant colours that really “pop” delivering an unexpected intensity that’s eye-catching to the receiver. Perfect for ensuring that your invitations get RSVP’d.
Affordable Leaflets
Single sheet leaflets are still an excellent way to get the attention of passers-by. They can obviously be printed on eco-friendly recycled paper and thin paper stock, but a higher gsm thickness on each leaflet does create a premium feel compared to most leaflets you receive. Higher-grade leaflets are useful for brands that wish to promote a flash sale local to their shop, but that still have a premium brand to protect. Striking that balance between the immediacy of information and maintaining the brand image in all communications is important for many businesses that never wish to appear cheap.
Cheap leaflet printing doesn’t need to mean lower quality because modern printing equipment and new techniques have made it possible to deliver quality at scale on a budget. While print leaflets are usually single sheet, they can be double-sided to get more information out to the public in an efficient manner. A good printing company can produce excellent leaflets at the quality and speed that you or the business you work for require. A perfect example of this can be seen through print 24 who have a “priority” delivery option which enables you to get your delivery within no more than 2 days, for an extremely affordable price. You can view their print leaflets service here.
Bridge the Gap Between Leaflet and Brochure with a Flyer
When you need something that’s larger than a leaflet, but smaller than a full brochure, a flyer is just perfect. Flyer printing has come a long way in the last few years with the introduction of digital printing and improved coatings. Print flyers mostly use offset printing, which allows for brighter whiteness and lowers the cost of a print run. The matt surface supports up to 400 gsm with the coated paper usually coming with a PEFC certification; an organization that promotes sustainable forestry.
For that special look, a few printers also offer Chamois paper stock which comes in either 100 gsm or the premium 300 gsm. The Chamois paper produces a classier appearance using a white color with a creamy tint that looks great for the luxury market. Alternatively, special bright white stock delivers an eye-catching finish with a soft feel to the paper after printing (two paperweights usually are available for this stock; 115 or 350 gsm).
Customised Flyer Design and Form to Suit Your Needs
Modern flyers don’t just come as a single sheet or card. They now are available in different forms like a fold over option or with a zig-zag appearance that expands out to three connected cards that are double-sided too. The card stock is available in enough thickness levels that flyers can stand up under their own weight, which is useful at trade shows and showrooms to make people aware of their availability.
Using the offset printing method, fonts are more distinctive. Accidental scratches to the surface of the flyers tends not to leave a mark. Colour printing uses either black and white, but with some printers they offer silver or gold too. The familiar CMYK four-colour system is used most often, but some printers also use the Pantone Matching process that offers 25 colours instead of four.
When needing to add the finishing touch to a flyer, there are sometimes other luxury options like UV protection or embossing to add a gold leaf effect. In the competitive business world, businesses need to use every approach they can take to grab the attention of the prospective customer. Using heavier card stock, color printing and smart design choices all help to bring your promotional material to life and grab a larger market share.

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