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Best Online Platforms to Upgrade your Digital Marketing Skills

The digital age we are living in is all driven by internet and the marketing skills that we employ to make our product to be the best among all. This digital revolution has changed the business environment and the way the marketing for business are done. Now everything is digital and within our reach with just a single click. Every information, every product and services caters to thousands of people breaking across the barriers and boundaries which was earlier limited by physical, geographical boundaries of the space. This has opened door to a huge wide customer base. But it has its challenges too, companies need people with upgraded skills every now and then. So one must be every ready with latest skills to be employable and be in demand always. One such course is “Digital Marketing Course”, which aims at enhancing the digital marketing Skills of an employee which in turn encompasses variety of skills such as SEO, Content writing , e-mail marketing , Copywriting and many more.

To brush up your digital marketing skills there are variety of courses available over the internet, for your ease we have listed down the best ones in the Industry which keeps up abreast with latest technical tactics of the Digital Space Marketing:

Full Stack Digital Marketer Masters Program by Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers you the complete training course guidance to upgrade your Digital Marketing skills. As the name suggests Full Stack Digital Marketer Masters Program encompasses even the tiniest detail about the Digital Marketing with their nine full-length courses that comprehensively covers the full course.


Simplilearn starts this 9 full length course with brushing up with the basics and then progressing towards the higher level. This course aims to equip the learner with the whole knowledge base of digital marketing to master the skills.

This course of Simplilearn is designed by experts keeping in mind to include the latest up to dated course material. Learning from  Simplilearn’s Full Stack Digital Marketer Masters Program will offers guidance and mentoring from the Industry’s best experts.


Digital Marketing Specialization by Coursera


Coursera is the trusted name with best in-house tutors in the field of online learning courses.  The Digital Marketing Specialization course by Coursera aims to equip beginners with the knowledge and know-how about the Digital Marketing. It offers a self learning platform where leaner can abreast with the Digital Marketing world learning the various platforms for Digital Marketing and helps them to devise a strategy following them. This course is divided into five sub courses to introduce into the world of digital marketing.


“Digital Marketing Specialization” by Coursera can be completed in 26 weeks on the whole spending 32 to 40 hours per week. This course is basically designed for beginners to know about the basic tools & method of Digital Marketing, which in turn helps them devising a digital strategy. Along with this Digital Marketing Specialization course, Coursera offers its student with the hands on experience of the Capstone project as well.


Marketing Training & Tutorial By Lynda


If you are the person who likes surfing the internet and updating your skill set every now and then by learning from online videos randomly. Then this Marketing Training & Tutorial offered by is especially for you.

It is cheap and the best for learning the basics about Digital Marketing. They offer random videos on each and every topic of Digital Marketing aimed at enhancing the skill set of employees looking for updating new skills and positions up in the ladder of the career growth. It is not the structured course like the earlier ones but whenever you get little time there is always a space to learn more and enhance the skills. There is no limit to it.

At Lynda’s they offer fabulous courses for everyone willing to learn more and enhance the existing skills in this dynamic working environment where only the change is stable. It offers a great way to learn whenever, wherever you like.


Digital Marketing Expert Pass  by Market Motive


If you are among the one who likes the structured courses and wants to get educated by the best in the industry faculty then Market Motive is here to your rescue to expertise you with the concepts of Digital Marketing with their course “Digital Marketing Expert Pass”  & 250 hour of learning covering all the important aspects of Digital Marketing.

It will cover all the aspects of the Digital Marketing learning skills like SEO, email marketing, content writing, PPC, Ad Words etc.

The best thing about this course is that you are tutored by faculty from Silicon Valley and your queries are entertained too by the leaders in this domain. Learning and enhancing relevant skills on Digital Marketing and that too from the Industry experts is the best thing of this course.


E- learning certificates modules on Digital Marketing  by American Marketing Association


When you have got very little time just an hour or so to invest in learning new skills, American Marketing Association’s (AMA)  e-learning certificate modules are for you which offers different specified learning courses  in digital marketing like email marketing ,Content writing , Analytics , Mobile Marketing etc are just few course to name amongst them.

These short course modules are just hour long and at the end of the course you have to pass the quiz having ten questions to earn e-certificate. It is great for people who have very less time still want to enhance skills & earn certificate for their learning.


The courses offered by these online platforms are nothing less than a boon to the people seeking out for opportunities and growth in their career ladder. It is great way to update your skills with the latest knowledge about the digital marketing tactics to keep ahead of your competitors in business and increase your worth as an employee. It is worth of investing time in these courses as they help in improving your resume weightage and worth, enhancing your skills in this highly dynamic environment.




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