Tired of Your Old Wallpaper ? Get a New One

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to wallpapers I get bored really easy and always need to change the wallpaper. That’s why I ended up making sort of a list of great websites where I can find wallpapers. From that list I bring you weekly pieces for the “Wallpaper Designs” series and also on that list I have a website I would like to present to you today, Mr. Wallpaper.

Mr. Wallpaper is a great website where you can find free wallpapers and over 40.000 of them, so it’s impossible you won’t find something you like. The website is updated quite¬†regularly so you will always find fresh wallpapers.

Mr. Wallpaper

Finding just the right wallpaper you are looking for is quite easy as there are quite a few ways to navigate the website. First of all there’s the old fashion page browsing. Each page features 24 high quality wallpapers and the navigation featured ten pages at once.

A more efficient way is to browse for the wallpaper you want by selecting the right category. All the wallpapers are divided into 26 categories, making it quite easy to find the niche of wallpapers you like.

Among these two options you have the option of navigating the website by selecting the desired resolution or by viewing the most viewed, most commented or top rated wallpapers. If you are feeling lucky, or you are unsure about what wallpaper you wish, you can try Mr. Wallpaper’s Random Wallpaper section. This pulls a whole page of wallpapers from the database and delivers it to you. If you don’t like it just select another random page.

Of course, for those of you that know exactly what they are looking for, there’s an effective search function, where you can search exactly for what you are looking for.

Each wallpaper’s page features a preview of the wallpaper, the description as well as all the resolutions the wallpaper is available for.

Beautiful Free Wallpapers

Fallen Angel



Fallen Angel




Fruit Trees Spring




Hitchhiking Hot Girl

Lips Behind Blind



Lips behind Blind

Model Candice Swanepoel



Model Candice Swanepoel

Mountain River



Mountain River

Winter Sunset



sunset snow landscape

Train in Winter Landscape



winter locomotive

Girl with Baloons



Woman Balloons

Christmas Cookies



xmas cookies

More wallpaper coolness at Mr. Wallpaper.


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