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A lot of people send me emails regarding plastic business cards as feedback to our article, 35 cool and inspirational business card designs. Well, below we present you a great service for everyone who wishes to have unique and beautiful plastic business cards.

Plastic cards have become a staple of everyday life, and are some of the most convenient and useful lightweight items people can have on hand. From ID cards to credit and debit cards, to keycards and even bag tags, plastic cards have become very important tools to making services and certain privileges easily accessible to people.

Recognizing the importance of the role of plastic cards in our current culture of convenience and accessibility, premier printing company Tele-Pak Inc. launched to address the growing need for specialized cards.

Cardprinting produces a large assortment of the finest quality custom cards done with a prime color process to get vivid colors, and made with various materials such as plastic, paper, cardstock and even synthetic, microporous Teslin.

Cardprinting offers a variety of options to suit all sorts of card needs: scratch off panels, bar codes, hanging/tear-off portions, as well as PIN numbering and magnetic stripes. The company’s hands-on working approach with clients makes for an efficient process to ensure that every order is done according to client specifications, even with bulk orders and rush printing.

This, along with a highly dynamic team that seeks to provide innovative creative solutions and with work that is regulated by high quality control standards, helps Cardprinting maintain great product quality and ensure expertly finished cards every time.

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