How to Add Electronic Signatures to Your Company Website

Good business people are always looking for a way to improve the efficiency of a process. Something as small as an electronic signature may actually be a very big deal for potential partners, consumers and employees. There is nothing worse than moving through a company’s entire funnel only to be frustrated at the last step. This is perhaps the quickest way to ensure that someone doesn’t come back for seconds.


Adding electronic signatures to your company website can be an effective way to showcase your technical prowess as well, which is great for your image. Let’s take a look at how to add electronic signatures to your company website so that you can make an informed decision about the process.


Pick Your Chosen Platform

Pick your electronic signature platform based on its ability to provide efficient service, stay in compliance with EU and North American standards, and integrate itself seamlessly into your current infrastructure. You should not need a professional developer for most cases, although you may possibly require a bit of help depending on the bottlenecks that may be in your network.


API stands for “application programming interface.” We use APIs in our daily lives to interact with useful tools without a need to really understand what’s going on under the hood. For instance, the outlet in your bathroom is a form of API. You don’t need a Master’s degree in electrical engineering to plug in your hair blower. You simply find the plug, put it into the socket, and blow dry away. Your electronic signature interface should be the same way.


In most cases, you will generate an Integrator Key from your developer sandbox. Integrate your chosen platform and test it. You may have to complete an API Certification and buy a plan, then you will be able to go live.

Testing Your Results

No new interface should be taken on its face. You must assess whether it is actually saving your consumers time and money. Your e-sig interface is no different. Are you getting kudos and closing more deals than before, or are you getting complaints about how difficult the process is with a conversion rate that is going down the tubes? Pay close attention to the way that your audience reacts to your new changes and make tweaks if necessary.


You must also be sure that your new feature is in compliance with the international rules of signature validation and verification


Once you have the right electronic signature platform in place, your relationship with prospects, partners and investors should all get better. Instead of frustrating people at the end of a sales funnel or a pitch, you will be guiding them into a trusting relationship with you. The easier you make the process of doing business, the more people will actually take you up your offers. Start with a fully integrated electronic signature platform and watch your results in business soar from just one simple step.

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