7 Ways SMS Technology Can Give Your Marketing a Boost

With the average small business spending $75,000 on their digital marketing strategy, finding a way to cut corners is a must.


Since most phone plans don’t charge to send or receive texts anymore, you could be sending targeted campaigns right to your clients’ pockets. SMS technology is cheap and with the right plan, you could see a massive ROI.


Since mobile internet traffic has definitely surpassed desktop traffic, investing in mobile will position your company toward the future of marketing. Since people spend most of their day with their phones by their sides, SMS marketing allows you to target your clients directly.


Best of all, they opt out whenever they want.


SMS technology could offer a serious signal boost to your next marketing deployment. Here are 7 ways SMS marketing could do the heavy lifting for you.

1. Build Loyalty

Because your customers have already had contact with you and opted into your SMS promotion, they have shown interest in your company. Make sure every text offers something special to them and you’ll see a huge return on your promotions.


Your clients will feel like they have a direct line on what’s going on in your company. This makes them feel valued, which is the best way to start building loyalty.


Put time into crafting each and every piece of marketing you send via SMS technology. The more time you invest, the better your returns are sure to be.

2. SMS Are Easy to Forward

The best way to grow your user base is to offer a referral program. Referral allows you to utilize the strongest loyalty tactic known to marketers: word of mouth. Word of mouth referrals are important because when friends and families make a suggestion, there’s a built-in level of trust.


People know when they’re being marketed to. But when the word comes from someone they already know and rely on, your marketing will have a serious impact. Recommend that your users forward the text to interested friends and family for a discount.


Allow people who sign up through that link to use a special referral code and give the information of the client you sent the SMS to. Give them both a special discount just for participating.

3. Build a Line of Communication

Communication is important to friendships, relationships, and to marketers. Build a dialogue with your users and you’ll build a powerful level of trust.


SMS technology feels personal, even when used in marketing. Use this to your advantage. Tools like Betwext offer you lots of customization options to make sure your SMS looks great on every device.


Send thank yous, information about a secret sale, or promotional offers catered just to them. When their shipment is about to go out, inform them and get them excited about what they’re about to get in the mail.


The number of ways you can engage your customers is endless. Be sure you’re keeping a record of which messages your customers respond best to. Show that you’re listening by giving them more of what they want.


Listening is an important part of communication so always give your customers a way give you feedback.

4. It’s Fast

As soon as you deploy a marketing campaign via SMS technology, it’s in your clients’ pockets. That means there’s no turning back. It also means you need to be prepared if 100% of your customers take advantage of your campaign.


Text messages offer you a marketing tool with an instantaneous engagement. If you’ve crafted your campaign correctly, you should be hitting customers who are at least 75% interested in the products you’re offering. Make sure they can respond to your messages with the click of a button.


If you’ve got a new app, you could use your SMS campaign to connect directly to your users’ native app store in one click.


Better yet, make sure your SMS system allows customers to respond. Better they send you a direct text criticizing you than a tweet that everyone can see.

5. Immediate Opting Out

This one requires constant testing on your part but in a perfect world, customers will be able to opt out with the click of a button. You shouldn’t keep customers waiting for you to get to the database. Your SMS option should opt out any disinterested customers as soon as they send a text.


Even if customers opt out of receiving your texts, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost them. It all comes down to personal preferences. Some customers like to be connected all of the time and others don’t.


Offering an immediate opting out is part of that communication strategy that’s so important to SMS marketing. It shows you’re listening to what your customers don’t want which is arguably more important than knowing what the do want.

6. Time Management Is Key

You can save tons of time with SMS marketing.


Through most interfaces used for businesses, campaigns can be scheduled for specific times and dates far in advance. This means you don’t need to cut into the middle of your day for your marketing strategy to deploy in the middle of the day.


When marketing teams can work on things on their own schedules, they’re more efficient and do a better job. You’ll see fewer errors and a better hit rate once marketers have the time to balance their analytic watching with their marketing efforts. Your hit rate will soar when you give people time to work.

7. Save Money

Digital advertising requires paying host sites, paying per impression or click, and getting just a handful of leads. There are no better figures in your sales funnel than then customers who already trust you.


You won’t have to waste money on postage or digital space ever again if you play your SMS cards right.

SMS Technology Creates Impressions

Even if people ignore your first couple of texts, if they don’t opt out and you keep them from being too frequent, you could see huge returns.


SMS marketing is one of the cheapest ways to bring a huge sales bump in this very quarter.

You’ll make your CMO, CTO, and CEOs all sing your praises if you use this tool correctly.


If you’re ready to put together a new marketing strategy, contact us for more tips on how to make sure you hit a bullseye every time.

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