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5 Ways The Top Money Saving Blogs Market Themselves

There’s one thing that makes the difference between successful money saving blogs and the ones that fail: Traffic. Without enough people visiting your blog, it’s hard to have the kind of impact you want or reach your monetization goals.


Fortunately, there are some easy tricks that can be used to ensure you get as many hits as possible.


Follow the tips below consistently and your site could become one of the money saving blogs with a healthy audience.

Offer Honest Reviews

The main reason people visit money saving blogs is to learn strategies that can help them conserve money. They want to know if this credit card is better than that one, what the best kind of bank account is, where to put their savings, and more.


If your site is only offering reviews of financial products that are supporting your blog, you’ll struggle to increase your readership. People are attracted to transparency. You’ve got to give them the truth, even if it means disagreeing with popular opinion.

Learn About Responsive Web Formatting

One of the biggest factors that determines which blogs get the most hits is how they are laid out. Don’t just think about desktop visitors, especially if you are appealing to an international audience. In some parts of the world, a huge majority of the population can only access the internet on a mobile device.


You’ve got to set your blog up to appeal to visitors on every device.


This kind of website is known as a “responsive” design. It responds and shifts its shape based on the device someone is using to access it. Besides using a responsive website theme, there are plenty of other tricks to help improve your website’s format.

Leverage Social Media

There’s a place online where you can find people interested in your blog topic and speak directly to them, for free: social media. Twitter is popular for interacting with people about a certain subject since you can use hashtags to track conversations.


Take time to experiment with popular social media channels to see which ones work for you. Whichever platforms you decide to use, be aware of what you say. Social media is a key component in building your online reputation, which will also help you drive traffic to your blog.

Use Guest Posts

Guest posting is a tried and true tactic for generating traffic. But it’s important that you go about the process of identifying and pitching blogs for a guest post the right way. Popular blogs receive lots of requests for guest posts: if you want your pitch to be accepted, it has to be thoughtful and valuable to the blog’s target audience.

Building Traffic for Money Saving Blogs Takes Time

More important than any of these other tips is consistency.


If you publish valuable content that your readers want, take time to promote yourself, and think about innovative ways to format your site, you too can increase your traffic.


Check out our blog for more information and tips on digital marketing.

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