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5 Tips For Designing Merry and Bright Holiday Graphics

Decorations, lighting the Christmas tree, hanging lights, and shopping til you drop. The holiday season is upon us!

Consumers are expected to spend at least one trillion on gifts this year. They are looking for great deals and steals everywhere.

This means they will be visiting your site more often. Don’t be a bah-hum-bug by keeping your site lacking in holiday spirit.

Changing your sales graphics, images on your website, or Christmas cards to holiday graphics can help your customers get into the spirit of the holidays in no time! Let’s talk about how you can make visuals that awe and wow!

Colors, Colors, Colors

When you’re making holiday graphics, the color is one of the most important things, but often overlooked. Think about the colors you see around the holidays.

Your color palette could consist of the famous reds and greens of Christmas. You could move more towards a Winter Wonderland theme and select an arrangement of blues, grays, and whites.

Making sure your colors complement each other and show off the colors of Christmas are a great way to spice up your graphics.

Festive Holiday Icons

What are festive holiday graphics? Icons that make your designs more Christmassy! When you think about the holidays, what symbols stand out in your mind?

These are the types of icons you can use in your designs to bring it to the next level. It could be a Christmas tree, lights, holly, wreaths, presents or Santa.

Anything that people associate with the holidays is an icon that is going to amp up your piece.

Add Texture and Visual Components

Adding texture to your graphics make it visually appealing. Using a snowflake is one of the best icons to use for a winter theme. Snowflake shapes are flexible in manipulating in your designs.

Adding them to your graphics, surrounding your focal point, helps to add depth to your visual.

Photography for Holiday Graphics

Including photography in your graphics can make them look professional. You can use them in the background and design on top of them. You can also use the photo as the main focal point and make your design off to the side, bottom or top.

You can use photographs of things like Santa and a winter scene, but those are often overused. Instead, try finding photos of close-ups and abstracts of holiday objects. This could be a set of lights, a tree, an ornament or a wreath.

People will be interested in your design because it’s presenting something they have seen before in a new way.

Depth in Your Design

There are a couple of ways you can add depth to your design so it isn’t flat. Shadows and blurs are the most popular way to do so. If you haven’t used a shallow depth lens to take your photograph, you can add these in a software program.

Adding blur to the holiday icons and elements you use provides immediate depth. Keep in mind the distance the object is from the viewer. Items that you want to appear farther away should be more blurred and items closer should be more clear.

Adding shadows behind elements helps them to stand out from the background and makes them look 3D.

Tis the Season

Now that you know the foundation of building a great holiday design, are you ready to get started? Bringing holiday spirit to those around you is a sure way to make the holidays more festive for everyone!

Some work has already been done for you! Download some free Christmas images to use in your graphic designs today.



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