How to optimize dropshipping store? 5 steps to increasing your online store conversion

It doesn’t matter if you already have an online store, or you’re just going to start a dropshipping business, you should understand that you are unlikely to get higher profit paying minimum attention to the store customization and optimization. Note that it works the other way round. If you are determined to achieve a high income rate when dropshipping, it’s essential to customize and optimize your store.

The following question sounds pretty logical: how can you do this? We recommend you to read this article to the end, because it includes a step-by-step process of a store optimization. Don’t lose the chance to get a piece of knowledge which can be useful, if you want to make great money on dropshipping. Since we have a lot of recommendations for you, let’s not waste time. We suggest to start right now.


5 steps to optimize your dropshipping store

Focus on your store design

First of all, we suppose it’s necessary to talk about the design of a store. There is a proverb in Great Britain. It reads as follows: “Good clothes open all the doors”. You may wonder, how does it refer to ecommerce activities? And we say that it’s really relevant when talking about having an online store. As an internet user moves to your online store, the first thing this user sees is the design of your website. It’s a very interesting point that deserves your attention, because you may set the lowest prices for your products on the globe, but if they are poorly displayed, or your online store design is a kind of an eyesore, it will be almost impossible for you to succeed.

So, what exactly should be done? You should make your website design responsive, i.e. adapt your online store not only to PCs, but also to smartphones, tablets, etc. Otherwise, you risk losing a large part of your prospective clients at the very first stage of visiting your online store.


Provide a user-friendly interface

UI interface

Then, if you think that an attractive design is enough for your website to guarantee you high profits, we have to tell you, that, indeed, this is wrong. Next, you should make you online store convenient for users to navigate through it. It’s essential because if users won’t be able to find the section they need, they won’t be able to make a purchase. Sounds reasonable.

What steps should be taken? It’s necessary to pay attention to the menu location, and make sure this menu includes all the required sections. Moreover, try to do everything possible to reduce the page loading speed. It’s important due to the fact that in case of a very long page loading you also risk to lose a big part of you store visitors. So, you can try to cut the number or the size of images, because they influence on the loading speed heavily. If your website loading speed is still very low after you have reduced the number of images or replaced them, you should probably change your hosting provider. You always have a chance to find a hosting provider which can guarantee you the hosting with a more stable and fast loading speed.

What’s more, try to reduce the number of actions a person needs to take between opening your online store and making a purchase. The shorter this process is, the lower the probability of losing a client during one of the stages becomes.


Optimize your store content

The next step of optimizing your dropshipping store is a search engine optimization of your website content. And we would like to note that this step is not as easy as it might seem at first sight. The main goal of SEO is to attract internet users to your online store. The most important thing about SEO is a keyword selection. If the keywords are selected in such a way that when searching users see your website at the top, a half of your dropshipping store optimization is made. Remember that, if possible, your keywords should be mentioned on each store page. By the way, at the end of the store content optimization pay attention to the fact that your selected keywords should comply with your actual website content. It seems to be obvious, though many online store owners made such a mistake.


Create videos

videos recording

Now when customizing a website, you have an opportunity to place video content on any page. In such videos you may talk about the store creation, pricing policy, goods origin, etc. Here is a very interesting fact about videos. If you answer all the above mentioned questions in writing, and place a great piece of text somewhere on the page, it’s very unlikely to be read. But watching a video won’t take a lot of effort.

The only thing for you to remember is that you create videos to attract prospective buyers, and persuade them to make a purchase in your online store. You can inspire and interest them by your store ideology. You can convince them of your products’ high quality. You can do whatever you want when creating the video content, but do not forget to make the visitors buy the products in your online store.


Add the feedback section

Customer Feedback

To date, people prefer to make purchases only after they read several pieces of feedback relating the product they want to buy. It may refer to a phone holder, washing machine, and even automobile. The product category absolutely doesn’t matter. That’s why it’s necessary to place a feedback section on each product page. Moreover, try to persuade your clients to provide you with the detailed feedback on the products they have bought from you. Based on the experience of many online stores, we may say that the higher the number of users’ comments and photos on a product page is, the higher the purchase probability becomes.


In this article we have tried to tell you about the 5 necessary steps of optimizing your dropshipping store. So, if you are not satisfied with the income from your dropshipping business, and you want to increase your sales and conversion, at first, try to check whether your store complies with all the points from this article. We hope that you will find these recommendations pretty useful.


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