5 Signs Your Business Needs a Local SEO Expert

The marketing world used to be a much simpler place, where audiences were far more receptive to a brand’s message.


And then the internet came along.


For better or worse, the web has fundamentally disrupted the business world. Now, businesses have to somehow operate their business, generate leads, and master marketing all at the same time.


If it sounds impossible, that’s because…well, it is. Fortunately, there are tons of great companies out there looking to help businesses like yours.


Here are five signs that it’s time to contact a local SEO expert.

1) Your Website is Out of Date

Nobody likes an ugly website. And yet, so many business owners make the mistake of thinking that their customers don’t care.


On the contrary, your website is your most important marketing tool. It’s how you’ll make a great first impression on future clients.


SEO services through a local SEO expert can get your website looking great. Whether you need a fresh coat of a paint or a new site built from the ground-up, SEO experts also tend to be website wizards.

2) Your Digital Presence is Ineffective

On the other hand, there’s a chance that you think you’ve done everything right.


Maybe you have a website, tons of social channels, and even a My Business page.


But you still may not get the results you’re after.


As they say, showing up is half the battle. The other half, however, is using your digital tools to your benefit.


A local SEO expert can help you learn to maximize your web presence and leverage your brand for a whole new audience.

3) You Don’t Have a Target Audience

That header is perhaps a bit disingenuous.


Every brand technically has a target audience. Some businesses just do a better job of defining who their ideal customer is.


If that sounds all too familiar, get in touch with an SEO expert as soon as possible. You may be hemorrhaging money by trying to draw in the wrong people.

4) Your Website Hardly Ranks

At the risk of oversimplifying the process, SEO is primarily concerned with where and why your website ranks. As you can likely guess, the lower your ranking, the less traffic your site is going to bring in.


And perhaps you’ve made your peace with falling to the second page of Google.


That, however, is a huge mistake. The first result alone tends to generate over one-third of a search engine’s traffic, with the numbers dramatically decreasing thereafter.


Simply put, if you’re on the second page, you may as well not have a website at all.

5) The Competition is Stealing Your Clients

As stated earlier, SEO and digital marketing have made businesses get more competitive than ever. You’ll need every advantage you can get if you’re looking to stay afloat.


An SEO expert can help you find the best keywords, maximize your business’s NAP, and reach out to clients on the fence about your business.

Your Business Needs a Local SEO Expert

As you can see, a local SEO expert isn’t something that businesses can afford to miss out on.

You’ve put so much time and energy into your brand, now get the traffic you deserve.


For more great marketing tips and advice on how to reach your audience, keep checking the Crazyleaf blog. And don’t forget to check out our resource directory for all sorts of great tools to help your business grow.

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