5 Effective Ways To Widen Your Reach In Instagram

A few years ago, Instagram (IG) was only used as a media-sharing app wherein people worldwide could post photos, videos, and other content they’d like to share. Now, Instagram is also heavily used by influencers, celebrities, and businesses, as one of their digital marketing strategies. With millions to a billion active monthly users, Instagram can be a perfect platform to gain more visibility, widen your reach, and boost your sales.

But with Instagram’s massive popularity and constant changes in its algorithm, it has become more challenging to widen your reach and deliver your brand’s content to your intended audience. Furthermore, some of your industry competitors are also using Instagram, so you’ll need to find ways to stay unique and keep your audience engaged.

Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can use to help improve your Instagram reach, gain more followers, and turn them into sales. Navigating through the dynamic changes of Instagram’s algorithm may require time and work, but with the proper techniques, you’ll be off to a good start.

To start, here are five practical ways you can widen your Instagram reach.

Post Content During Peak Times

There’s no doubt that posting regularly is necessary to keep your followers engaged and widen your reach. However, your efforts may be wasted if you’re posting at the wrong time when your followers or target audience are away. In doing so, you’ll only have fewer people to engage with your posts, eventually affecting your ranking on your followers’ newsfeed. Remember, the Instagram algorithm will always prioritize timeliness and relevancy for their users’ newsfeeds.

So, to boost your reach, ensure you’re posting content during peak times. However, don’t limit yourself to a specific peak time, as your followers may be most active at different times throughout the day. So, check out your Instagram account’s audience section and determine the days and hours when your audience is most active. Meanwhile, if most of your followers have private accounts, you may use a private Instagram account viewer app to retrieve data reports about their activity.

For instance, if the data says your followers are most active on Friday at 8:00 pm, Saturday at noon, and Monday at 8:00 am, this probably means you have different followers active during those times. Posting content during those peak times can ensure that your content will reach your audience at the exact time they’re using Instagram, thereby increasing your reach.

Use Newer And Relevant Hashtags

Like Instagram’s algorithm, some hashtags will also come and go, which means not all hashtags are intended to be evergreen. So, now and then, research and find some newer and relevant hashtags for your content. This way, you’ll be able to keep your posts ranked in front of your target audience and expand your reach. It’s also preferable to check the hashtags your competitors could be using. You may look at private Instagram accounts using a private IG viewer app if they’re private. Chances are, your competitors are using private accounts as one of their tactics to gain more followers.

You can blend trendy hashtags with generic hashtags and industry-specific hashtags when using hashtags on your postings. Just be careful not to go overboard, such as using more than 30 hashtags in a single post, as this can hurt your trustworthiness and rating. The best number of hashtags to utilize is approximately 8 to 10 hashtags. Finally, adopting more recent and relevant hashtags can allow you to reach a broader audience and increase engagement.

Post Engaging Content

You may be posting content during peak times or using high-quality hashtags. But are your posts engaging enough to entice your audience to interact with you? Posting engaging and interactive content will improve your IG engagement rate and urge your followers to share your post with their friends, widening your reach.

Why not focus on engaging content instead of continually posting about the products/services you’re selling? You may, for example, share hilarious and relatable memes about your business or sector. You might also include interesting statistics, how-to tutorials, or open-ended questions in your post. Interactive postings can help you obtain a lot of involvement and feedback from your audience, which will help you stay on top of things and expand your reach.

Host Giveaways

Another fun way to widen your reach on Instagram is by hosting giveaways. After all, who doesn’t love receiving free stuff? Giveaway contests are a surefire way to motivate your followers to interact with your post and even encourage them to mention your brand and share it with their friends.

A giveaway content should include some call-to-action requirements such as:

  • ‘To join, tag three friends on the comment section’
  • ‘Follow our account’
  • ‘Share this post’

To generate more comments or shares and further widen your reach, you may run your giveaways for at least a month or two. Most importantly, ensure you have exciting and worthy prizes for your winners.

Use Instagram Live

Instagram live has the potential to help you engage with your audience more intimately and broaden your reach. Unlike standard postings, where you have to wait for your followers to see your content, Instagram live allows you to connect with your followers in real-time. Additionally, running an Instagram live will notify your followers that you’re online, increasing the visibility of your account.

To ensure that you can reach a larger audience, plan what you’ll be talking about during your Instagram live to avoid ‘pauses’ and losing your viewers’ attention. Having pre-planned content can help you keep your Instagram live entertaining and interactive, thus motivating your followers to share your link with their friends.

Wrapping Up

If used correctly, Instagram can be a valuable and effective tool to widen your brand’s reach. So, try out these tips mentioned above and monitor your account to see which strategies are working in your favor.


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