5 Big Challenges Designers Face in Team Collaboration

Managing, as well as being a part of a design team can be a challenging task. Many factors can affect the design process, which must be taken into account on a daily basis. Despite all the effort, when creative minds clash, there are some challenges are that are for sure going to show up during everyday work. In this article, we will address some common challenges that a design team faces, and also explain how team leaders can overcome them so that the overall success of the team is a client’s success as well.


team working together

Some designers are finding themselves in versatile teams, mixed in with engineers and marketers. In most cases, those teams have more than one function.

Usually, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn from others and see things from their perspective. However, it often means that designers don’t have the opportunity to be a part of a larger team, while also getting fundamental feedback from all parties involved. Despite some collaboration myths, it’s of utmost importance for designers to collaborate on same tasks. To tackle this problem, centralize the team in single, common place where they can discuss their tasks. That way, everyone will be involved can stay up-to-date.

Poor Planning

Often, design teams need to plan their large projects in detail. Usually, a lot is happening from the initial meeting to the final delivery, and the team has to be on top during the entire process. Since most people don’t have the time to plan tasks for the whole team, it’s necessary to have a flexible task management tool that can help you plan in a Gantt timeline, and also move tasks like cards on a Kanban board.

No Proper Feedback

It’s important for clients to have an insight into the progress of the project. Getting feedback from the client will tell you if you are doing a good job, as well as if there is a need for a revision. It’s rewarding to know you’re doing a good job, too. Give clients an insight into your design projects by adding them to the same project in your project management tool. Also, it’s important to make a project management software comparison before deciding on a solution.

Poor Communication

Nowadays, communication between people involved in the same project is essential – if you want to deliver great results, and have a successful project that is. Since mind-reading isn’t a thing yet, and people in general usually hate meetings you need to communicate with your team members. Instant messaging is great when you need to contact someone quickly, but it is even better to have a dedicated place where you can talk to your fellow team members about your project, and get all the updates you need in an instant.

Work Overload

Sometimes, your team members simply have too much work to do. In this case, assign tasks to your team members in a project management tool based on their availability and how much free time they have.


Poor communication between team members and lack of client’s feedback is something that needs to be tackled, which is why it’s important to overcome that with a dedicated tool. It should manage all your projects and workload, help you with the team collaboration, project planning, and task management. Simply put: it should be a single solution for all of your troubles.

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