40 Inspiring Animal Logos that Will Make You Love Animals More

Be it a pet tortoise, a feathery friend, or something from the jungles of the Amazon, us humans share a special bond with animals; domestic or wild.

As one might admit, we too, are animals in our own right. We embody similar characteristics as close to our simian brothers, while some may instinctively behave more reptilian than others.

Today I’d like to share some inspiring animal logos that capture our admiration and homage to the animal kingdom.

Dirty Fried Chicken


40. dirty bird

Iron Duck Clothing

39. iron duck


38. elefont

Snooty Peacock


37. snooty peacock


The Bronx Zoo

36. bronx zoo

Road Hog Entertainment

35. road hog


34. leo

Shirt Dawg

33. shirtdawg


The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

32. pittsburgh

Helping Hands for Pets

31. helpinghands for animals


30. raven

Ok Stag

29. okstag

Cub Studio

28. cub studio

Bee Creative Studios

27. b


26. emperor

Blue Dog Properties

25. bluedog

Dolphin and Seal Care

24. dolphin and seal


23. ark


22. turboluv

Pet Products

21. pet products

Kangur Electronics

20. kangaroo electronics

Sweet Danger


Shutter Muse

18. shutter muse

Happy Holidays Deer

17. happy holidays

Jurassic Wine

16. jurassic

Fox Mark

15. fox mark

Camel Punch

14. camelpunch

Rocket Dog

13. rocketdog

Cowbra Productions

12. cowbra

Peacock Foods

11. peacock

Work Horse

10. workhorse


9. toadprint


8. roktopus

Kiwi Music

7. kiwi music

Paper Goose

6. papergoose


5. moose

Hunter Race

4. deer


3. goodluck


2. zoogarnic

Beaver Feaver

1.beaver feaver

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