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4 Tips for Designing & Launching an App for your Business


Making the decision to launch a mobile app for your business is a sound choice, especially because the average American spends almost three hours on their smart phone or tablet. However, the fact that this venture is so lucrative means that the market is absolutely teeming with competition. There are some things you need to be aware of so that when you finally do get your feet wet, you won’t get caught in any of the beginner’s traps. Here are a few essential tips to launching an app for your business.


1) Don’t juggle multiple platforms at once

The first rule when it comes to launching a brand new app for your business is not to overdo it. Releasing the app in more than one platform can be a costly endeavor, coming with a slew of hidden problems for your app and the team handling it if you aren’t ready. Don’t be afraid to focus on a single platform, because that way you can focus and really bring out the potential of your app.

2) Know the rules of your launch platform

When it comes to launching an app to go with your business, the choice of a platform often dictates whether or not your app becomes successful. For example, did you know that Google Play gives you the option to switch the business model from a paid app to an app that’s completely free, but not the other way around?

Your launch platform will be riddled with rules and protocols that you need to be perfectly aware of. Make sure that whatever the choice might be, that you are well-versed in all the little details so that you aren’t blindsided by a rule you might have overlooked.

3) Social media can be a great support structure

One of the keys to a successful launch is the right marketing. The best way to do this is to generate buzz through a social media structure that hosts updates as well as blogs and even third-party reviews regarding your app. This will give your app the exposure necessary to be successful even before its launch. In order to make this truly effective, once your app finally opens to the public you can create a portal in social media as well as your own website that can link back to the app. This brings us to our final tip:

4) Use creative services online to help ease the burdens of launch

Let’s say that you want to create that portal from social media, or from your own website to your app when it launches. This is actually a trickier process than you might think, because it often requires several steps to accomplish. There are the links to the app store, or perhaps automatic emails being sent in order for your users to finally receive their app. A creative service such as LinkTexting will allow you to create a link from the desktop that sends a text to their mobile so they can instantly download the app. These are the types of creative services that can help make your launch a success because they affect it in subtle but effective ways.

Launching an app for your business can be a tricky endeavor because you can only do it once. This is why  it’s essential to get the best first impression possible. To conclude, keep it on a single platform, learn the ins and outs of said platform, take advantage of social media and avail of creative services. That’s pretty much all you need to do to guarantee that your brand new app has the best possible chance of succeeding.

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