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30+ Music Icons Guaranteed to Make You Sing

I’m a big fan of music. Growing up, my parents had vinyls laying around the house, and my favorite instrument for the longest time was my sister’s classical guitar. As a kid growing up in the 90s, I’d imagine myself walking in the footsteps of Lennon, Cobain, Vedder, and Hendrix. Sadly, now my walk resembles that of Martha Stewart.

Talent and creativity is what we aim to showcase here on CLD, and as far as I’m concerned, these talented individuals are riding high on my list. And being one who appreciates music and graphics, creating this collection of music icons was pure awesomeness.

Alen ‘Type08’ Pavlovic

stereo icon

A choice stereo system line art from Alen. Really digging the colors. See more visually stimulating work on Dribbble



Gorgeous synthesizer icon with amazing gradients and fine details from Artem. Check out more icons Web | Dribbble



Minimalist icons like this really gets me going. Great retro icon with a nice play on the line weight. See more soul on Dribbble



Ah-may-zing keyboard rendition by Jona. Love the equalizer and subtle reflection. See more on Dribbble

Piotr Kwiatkowski

turntablemusic icons

Fantastic conceptual icons and execution. I’m diggin the wooden finish on both record player and recorder. Find more cool on Piotr’s Dribbble | Web

Tommy Chandra


Nice combination of flat and detail design work from Tommy. The analog and sharp edges brings me back. Say thanks to Mr. Chandra on Dribbble | Behance

Den Brooks


Beat creators and wannabe music makers has at least one MPC lying around. As always, Den’s detail is uncanny. Check him outĀ  Web | Facebook


music icons

A perfect set of music icons with that 80s arcade game feeling. Olin has this on a white background too, check it out at Dribbble | Portfolio


music icons

The dirty yellow background makes this minimalistic icon set shout. Fine work from the guys at RONLEWHORN IndustriesĀ  Dribbble | Web

Nick Kumbari

music icons

Nick’s got a tasty style with this icon set. I wish I could get them as real pieces for my dollhouse. Web | Behance

Ryan Putnam

stereo music iconsmusic icons

Some amazing and fun stuff from Ryan, integrating great colors with fine lines. A true graphic designer at heart (he named his son, Cyan) Dribble | Web

Justin Mezzell


I’m diggin’ the retro-ness of this flat turntable icon with a touch of shadow. Nothing but pure awesomeness. See Justin’s Portfolio

Vladimir Vorobyev


I’m loving the finishing and stroke details on this piece. ‘Love Music’ indeed, from Russia, check out Vlad’s Portfolio



Amazing style that’s fun and functional. Details and work on this phonograph is beautiful. Just beautiful. Check out Mike on Dribbble | Web

Oleg Beresnev

music icons

The Behringer brings back memories. In fact, this entire set does. Definitely appreciate the subtle color tones and flat work. Find Oleg on Dribbble | Behance

Julian Burford


Amazing details and gradients on this piece. If I did this, I would have missed the chair, and that’s the most important part! More of Julian’s skills at Web

Lucas Marinm

music icons music icons

Loving these flat designs from Lucas who’s got a great eye for detail and color schemes. Truly a Hall of Famer. Check him out on the Web

Yoshida Susumu


Yoshi’s got the gift of creating things as they are in real life. I can almost taste that popcorn! Check out more skills on Flickr

Hamo Studio

music deck

Awesome studio kit by the guys at Hamo. The fine details and line work makes me happy! Yes, download free at Dribbble | Web

Angela of Toffeenut Design


Brilliant cassette tape rendition from Angela. I’m really digging the metal chrome colors. More stuff from Toffeenut’s Web



Some amazing true to life details on one of music’s iconic memorabilia by Vladimir. See more of Vlad on Dribbble | Deviantart


turntable turntable

Some tasty turntable icons from Paco. Loving everything about this, clean, minimal, and truly inspiring. See more on Paco’s Dribbble

Udhaya | Bas Design Club


This cool concept (love the plastic cover reflections) from Bas Design Club gives me hope that analog tapes will reign over the music industry again. More on Dribble

Pasha Gonchar


I’m loving the gold plated tones and amazing grille details on this iconic brain busting, ear bursting, head bangin’ Marshall amp. See Pasha on Dribbble

Alex Tass


I’m enjoying the dynamic appearance, attention to details and colors scheme on this conceptual radio icon! Check out more snazziness from Alex’s Portfolio

Oisin Lavery


Spectacular finishing on this wooden speaker icon. Enjoying the details on this simple (but much needed) musical component. Check out Oisin’s magic on Dribbble | Web

Ruo Tang

lp player music icon

Some fresh and brilliant music icon concepts here from Ruo Tang. Turntable to the left is one of my favorite pieces. See more on Tumblr | Behance

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