2017 New Product Mockup Tool – Presentation Kit for UI Designers

Presentation Kit, incredible ? mockup pack for UI designers

Today, we want to share a new Mockup tool for you called, Presentation Kit by LStore Graphics. Basically, it is a software for UI designer to make mockup graphics in a quick and easy way. It is also easy to coustomize and change in your favorite software, support including Sketch 47+ and Photoshop CS4+. With 79 scenes of preloaded mockup, it enables UI designer to work on mockups most devices in the market nowadays, such us, Windows Surface, PC, Mac, iPad, Android, Tablet, and iPhone UI mockups. And for iPhone, they are support the latest iPhone X UI mockup design as well. This is a great tool to allow designers to take first steps to make good UI for new iPhone X.

iPhone X Mockups - 9 simple scenes and 2 ortho. 44 Mockups in total

Here is a short presentation video of Presentation Kit.

Things we like about Presentation Kit

  • Changeable background – Adjust your mockup background color in anyway flexisble, as each background was made as a gradient
  • High Resolution Scenes – It render very sharp image layers.
  • Separated Layers Management – All device set in separated layers, you can turn off every device or set up the shadow contrast.

Download free iPhone X mockup sample


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