11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow

Being original is tough, but it’s not impossible. Pulling out a fresh idea is a process, so let’s draw some inspiration from those who have been there and done that.

We’re not advocates of plagiarism; that’s against the law and our morals. Rather, what we want is simply to help you see new things and concepts that you might have never encountered before.

Take these creative agencies and individuals as an example. They have all carved their marks in the art and graphic design industry. Some may argue that their styles are not revolutionary, but there is no doubt that their innovativeness has helped them get to where they are now.


11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow

An interactive production studio based in Poland, Soppo is founded in 2009 and is focused on producing websites, web applications, and online games. Some of its notable clients include Field Entertainment (Mickey’s Road Show Latin website) and Fox Home Entertainment (Die Hard 16-bit game and Epic Voice Changer and Become an Avatar apps).

Super Top Secret

11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow

Super Top Secret is an all-around group composed of top-notch writers, designers, strategists, developers, shooters, editors, and producers, it specializes in developing beautiful creations. Some of its best works include University of Oregon (interactive website), Assassin’s Creed IV (social media campaign), and Publik Coffee (brand development).


11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow

With a minimalist website that reflects its slick, no non-sense approach, SHIBUI is all about producing engaging digital content for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Some of its clients are Go Now (branding, logo design, mobile app UI/UX), Scroll for Your Health (informative scrolling website), and Konimee (branding, logo design, web and mobile app UI/UX, web design and development).

Stupid Studios

11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow

Don’t be fooled by its chosen name, this Danish design and branding agency is anything but a fool. Stupid Studios takes pride in understanding and challenging clients to produce fun and creative content. Consequently, their thorough process allowed it to work with renowned brands and organizations such as Sony, Greenpeace, and Amnesty International.

Green Chameleon

11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow

This Bristol-based design agency is currently working on a better, cooler website, but that isn’t stopping them from continuously producing great graphic, web, and product designs as well as marketing strategies. Some of the organizations that have put their trust in Green Chameleon include University of West England, Greengage, Smirnoff, and Life Fitness.


11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow

Websites that awe people is the specialty of this Norwegian design company. While Vaersågod is only available in Norwegian, it nonetheless let you see their latest projects. The collection includes designs for Harvest., Ibsen Award,, and Pilegrimsleden.

Lounge Lizard

11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow

After the chameleon, here comes a lizard. Based in New York, Lounge Lizard focuses on producing attractive, innovative, and feature-rich websites and mobile applications. As it takes time to completely understand its client to create the best possible output, it has been able to work with a large selection of known organizations such as Canon, Disney Interactive, and National Geographic.


11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow

Believing that the best dreams happen when people are online, AQuest is a creative organization proud of its over 20-year history and more than 50 international awards. Its website reflects that sentiment, which highlights their best works, along with the prizes they have bagged with them. Some of the spotlighted works are for Cantina Valpolicella Negrar, 7MML, Gaudi, Panorama Auto, and Diumbo.

Kunal Chhajer

11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow

This web and graphic designer’s website is as fun and creative as his works. With doodles and a thoughtful self-introduction, Kunal Chhajer‘s website leads to his favorite works, which include promotional designs for companies such as Samsung, Eureka Forbes, and HCL.

Ryan Keiser

11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow

You can probably tell just how in love with colors this web designer and developer is. The portfolio Ryan Keiser shares in his website isn’t as grand or comprehensive as the agencies above. Nevertheless, they offer insight to how your choice of colors can make your website calming or crazy fun.


11 Creative Agencies That You Should Follow 4

Proudly making good stuff every single day, this Belgian design agency loves to work hard and play hard. Always aiming for high-quality approach and output, Dogstudio‘s most prized works include that for Franco Dragone (immersive website), “The Congress” (Ari Folman animated movie website), and Creative Wallonia (insights, branding, strategy, UX, and design).

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