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10 Key SEO Solutions for an Internet Service Business

You’re the life source of the world wide web – the internet service provider. Without you, millions of people will become disgruntled citizens of the earth. Imagine the youth not being able to text, share photos and chat on social media.


In this day and time, the internet is the lifeblood of our society. It’s what connects us all. And by accepting this role, you must ensure you serve as many prospects as you possibly can.


This is where your pride and joy comes into play – the web. You can use SEO solutions to drive traffic to your internet service.


If you’re not quite sure how, then this guide will provide a few insights. Let’s delve deeper into the concept of SEO solutions.

Why You Need SEO Solutions

First things first – why do you need to use SEO solutions for your internet service business? It’s simple really – it’s where millions of people spend hours each day. And more importantly, it’s where people go to look up products and services.


If your business site doesn’t show up in the search engine results pages (SERPs), then you’re losing customers to all your competition. You can bet they’re already implementing search engine optimization into their marketing strategies.


In doing so, they’re creeping up to the top of the SERPs and converting as many prospects as they can. Hopefully, this is enough to convince you to get your own SEO campaign started as soon as possible.


Now, let’s dive into the methods you can make SEO solutions work for your brand.

1. Meta Data Is the Key to a Higher Ranking

Well, at least it’s one major factor in getting a high position on Google and other search engines. Now, there are key steps you have to take on the back end of your website design.


Optimization is the name of the game and it’s highly recommended for your metadata. This consists of meta tags, header tags, title tags, descriptions and so on.


Each area in your HTML must be optimized with the keywords you’re targeting. Search engine bots use the information in your HTML when deciding how to rank your site.


The most important of the tags is the title. If you can make it unique and optimized, then it’ll have a higher chance of ranking high in the search engines.


The meta description is also important since this is what shows up in the SERPs. It helps convince internet users that your internet service is worth checking out. Make sure your description speaks to your audience and includes a call to action.


Besides the title and the description, the rest is about helping search engine bots with indexing your page properly.

2. Show Relevancy and Quality with Links

Link building is a crucial component in helping grow your ranking in Google and other search engines. If you don’t already have link building as part of your SEO solutions, then it’s time to create one.


Now, there are different methods you can use to make linking work for you. One way is to use anchor text that also contains keywords or related keywords. Rather than linking to the term “click here,” it’s better to link to a phrase like “download your free case study.”


Another option is to link to other sites that have authority. And by authority, we mean a site that’s high quality and highly ranked by Google. It should also be relevant to the content you’re linking within. The idea is to link to a page that supports your content or adds value in another way.


For example, linking to a site that helps users to find quality internet services. Be sure to find out more about this service.


Then there’s the internal linking option, where you include links to other pages on your website. This too should be relevant. For instance, if you have a blog post about high-speed internet, you can link to your high-speed internet packages page.


Ultimately, you want to make content that’s worth sharing with others. This will help build up your backlink profile, where other sites link to your content. But this is only possible through building relationships with other bloggers and making great content that gets their attention.

3. Always Write for Humans First, Search Engines Second

In the past, we had this backward. We focused too much on writing content that would make search engine bots rank our pages highly. This meant stuffing keywords all throughout the content, making it incoherent and spammy.


In turn, Google sought to weed out the poor quality content by changing up their algorithms. At this time, a ton of websites was hit hard and pushed down in the ranks, if not altogether banned.


If you pay attention to what search engines really want, it’s content that users find valuable. At the end of the day, it’s about pleasing the end user anyway.

4. Publish Great Blog Content Consistently

You can’t have SEO solutions without blog content. Since we’re on the topic of content creation, it’s important to point out the need to publish fresh, unique content on a regular basis. This is a great way to put your internet service website on the map.


For instance, you can create a blog series that may attract users and even get a few backlinks. Google will find your content favorable if people are constantly visiting and sharing your content.


It will take careful research to identify the topics you can cover in your blog.

5. Include Optimized Images in Your Posts

It’s essential to optimize any photos you include in your web design or blog content. All this means is including relevant keywords in the Alt text of your images.


Plus, adding imagery to your pages will make it more attractive to visitors, which can help them stick around long enough to finish your content.


There are different ways you can slide graphics into your posts. It can showcase data in the form of charts and graphs. Or you can lighten the mood by adding photos of a gamer enjoying high-speed internet access.

6. Maintain Fast Site Speed

Although images and graphics are great for appeal and helping add value to content, you don’t want to overdo it. Nor should you overload your site with Flash and Java, which can cause lag. If too much is going on on your site, then it will only hurt your rank.


What will happen is a lot of your visitors will end up bouncing away from your site. And this is especially true if pages take longer than three seconds to load. In this case, Google will see that your site isn’t desirable and will rank it lower.


The goal is to aim for a one-second page load speed. If this means getting rid of flashy graphics and features, then so be it.

7. Find the Best Social Media Platforms to Use

Adding social media to your SEO solutions strategy is a smart move for a number of reasons. For one, there are 185 million people who are on social media.


Although you’re only trying to reach a fraction of this audience, you can bet on many, if not all, of your customers are on one platform or another.


The key is finding out which social media sites they frequent the most. You don’t want to waste your time on networks that only a handful of your prospects use.


Once you find this out, create profiles and start sharing your blog posts here. If people click on and share them, it will help give your SEO a boost.

8. Focus On Local Keywords

When you do keyword research for your internet service website, make sure to include local terms. Whatever SEO solutions you decide to implement should contain geo-specific search terms.


Surely, your business caters to specific areas, which you can target in your SEO campaigns. This includes your metadata and blog content.


When folks with smartphones look up your type of business, your website should pop up if you’re local to them.

9. Claim Your Business Listings

Every search engine has a business directory, which lists all the companies in any given area. If yours is there, you should claim and update them. If not, create a listing and ensure the name, address, and phone number are consistent with what’s on your website.


If it’s not consistent, then Google will find it inaccurate, which can hurt the user experience. And if it hurts the user experience, then it’s not worth ranking high.

10. Get Access to SEO Tools and Resources

You can never learn too much SEO. In fact, it’s an ever-evolving world which requires constant learning. For this reason, it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with various tools and resources that can help you along.


One tool you can use is called Optimizely. This helps you perform A/B split testing for your landing pages, web pages and anything else you create for the internet.


Then for a resource, you should consider Crazy Leaf Design, which covers various SEO solutions you can use for your business.

Learn More About Digital Marketing

Having a resource you can turn to enhance your SEO solutions is key. At Crazy Leaf Design, you can find a host of information on topics like graphic design, web design, and marketing.


Whether you’re looking for inspiration or tutorials to get started, you can find it here. Maybe it’s time to get proactive with your SEO and digital marketing.


Stop by our site today to see how we can help you improve your online presence.

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