10 Features Your Financial Website Should Have To Convert More Visitors

Having a website is important to be able to compete in the Digital Age. Think about it: consumers always return to savvy, user-friendly websites like Netflix or Facebook—and for good reason.

Companies that do not offer the same would find it difficult to take their place in the digital marketplace. If your financial website looks like it was stuck in the 90s, it’s time you invest in an online makeover. 

Here are 10 design features you can incorporate to your site to convert more visitors:


Use engaging images in your website

Creating a website with rich imagery gives off a feeling of having a personalized user experience. Instead of posting generic stock images, coming up and following a distinct theme for your images can speak volumes to your customer base. Speak their visual language and get them engaged.


Include links to your company’s social media accounts

Providing links to the company’s social media accounts drive more traffic to your website, as it allows your customers to know more about the company and connect with you on other more convenient channels.

Having a solid media presence gives the impression that your company is keen on communicating with its target market. For example, American Express included links (in the form of icons) to their social media accounts in their footer.

Include informative and relevant content

Meeting your target market’s needs is important when it comes to financial websites.  To help achieve this, websites for banks, credit cards, and other financial services must be informative, engaging, and driven by content.

Publishing feature stories, relevant content, and videos will not only attract customers, but will let them stay as well. By using keywords that your target audience uses, you can then have a better grasp of what your customers are looking for and provide content accordingly.

Consider trends for a better-looking website

Consumers these days are drawn to minimalist-looking, interactive websites. It is best to discover which trend can help drive customers to the site based on the company’s branding or persona.

Lessen jargons and unnecessary information on landing pages

When it comes to financial websites, less is more. A lot of financial service websites are packed with loads of information, which makes it harder for consumers to navigate. By streamlining content, users gain a positive experience because the website is only geared towards what they are actually looking for—sans the complicated language.

Develop a trusted mobile app

While major banks have mobile apps, not everyone trusts these because of security breaches and other privacy issues. Developing a secure and trusted mobile app can help drive customers to do business with your company. 

When the bank is within a few clicks or taps reach, customers will transact as much as they can. Mobile banking apps nowadays offer services like convert more visitors, balance transfers, automate bills payment, redeem rewards, and more.  Capital One, for instance, has one of the most attractive mobile banking apps.

Have a good call-to-action button

A powerful CTA (call-to-action) is important, so visitors can immediately resolve their problems while they are on your site.  A good call to action can be embedded in a paragraph (after an article), or an attractive button where users are linked to talk to customer service professionals or a mailing list.

Gamify services

A technique that can drive customer engagement is by gamifying services.  While having games and a playful reward system is not something a lot of banks have in mind by keeping their customers, it can actually help customers involved. Techniques like goal setting or transaction trackers can drive good user behavior.  Check out how Acorn did it.

Offer self-service tools for faster transactions

The Digital Age caused a lot of people to become impatient—but in a good way.  Not everyone has the luxury of time to wait for 30 minutes on a hotline, or five to seven business days for a claim. This paved the way for self-service tools to help consumers do their tasks at their own time and comfort.

Develop digital-only products

Digital-only products encourage customers to always be online for quality services. Digital money transactions like sending money to other banks and smart investment plans can help increase the company’s overall sales.


Applying these features will help your financial company get more visitors on your website and convert them into paying customers. A good web presence gives a better impression to customers, hence giving them the right impetus to trust you and do business with you.

Is your website lacking any of these features? Let us know in the comments section which one you need to apply to your site.


Written by Michie Victoriano

I am a Marketing Research and Analyst with more than 8 years’ experience in Marketing, Research, Analytics and Online Marketing; with a 3 years’ experience in Search Engine Optimization. Currently working for and Enjoys playing video games, basketball and loves coffee too much.


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