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10 Ideas of Cute Puppies Pictures for Pet Website Graphics

If you are operating pet website, especially dogs related contents or pet supply eCommerce site, you will find out that most attractive dog images for people are puppies pictures.  By the adorable faces of puppies, photographers capture their cuteness moment.  This kind of images does bring a higher chance for your site visitors to click on your contents.  There is no actual data to prove that, but from our experience, ads or website contents using puppies pictures have higher CTR.

So here are find 10 cute puppies pictures for a good example to show why it brings higher Click-Through.

10 Puppies Pictures Example


cute chihuahuas
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Cute French Bulldog Puppy
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Now, when you see these pictures, do you want to click it and view more detail about it?

Lets put some love and cuteness on your websites 🙂

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