Most Beautiful Websites of 2009

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  • Dany

    Wonderful collection! Thanks:

    I also like this French blog:


  • Lauren

    Oh wow., I must say, great list! Some of my most favorites are on here, as well as some new lovelies I had never seen. Seriously, great selections, I have enjoyed viewing them and will check out a few. Makes me want to totally trash my latest re-design!

  • wahy

    simple and clean are not part of what make them beautiful

  • Brad

    Wow, sweet looking sites. Nice compilation.


  • Inside the Webb

    I’m seeing tons of collections of the best websites of 2009 all over the place, but you’ve got an excellent list here. Keep up the great posts!

  • chris

    Nice list. I especially liked Morphix. Another that I’ve really been liking lately is Auxiliary’s site.

  • Logo Design

    Wow..such beautiful website designs ! However my personal favourites are Tomas Projeta
    I Love Colors, Weberica, Gisele Jaquenod, Asvalia, Viget Extend, Lipton Green Mint.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing this. I personally like the UTAH site so much that we spent a nice vacation there this year. We were personally impressed with not only the website but all the marketing materials, like brochures and leaflets we were sent in the mail too.

  • Sophie

    Thanks for featuring my website (l’effet crea) designed by Soulvisual :)

  • weberica

    Very nice collection, thank you for including my site :)

  • Cory

    Thanks for the inspiration. Added a few of these to my list :)

  • Web Design Essex

    I’ve seen a lot of these sites many times on various posts throughout the year. Certainly some of the best web designs our there. It’s quite interesting how your post shows such a variety of design, which I think is a hallmark of where web design has evolved or perhaps matured to now. I know some people disagree, but I really think this is a mature field now.

  • Melody

    Whoaaa@ Duirwaigh..I knew ilovecolors would definitely be a contender since it’s been a popular site around the web lately…good list..awesome designers..

  • Victoria Blount

    An excellent selection of the best websites from 2009, highly colourful, creative and so individual definitely an inspiring post to start the new year with.

  • SMiGL

    Good collection! Thanks

  • Elle

    Great looking list! I really enjoyed looking through them all! Thanks!

  • Laurent Jouvin

    Wow! I’d love to have the opportunity to build a website like these for our clients. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • 3D models

    Awesome designs. Thank you for this list. Great work.

  • Chris Web

    What an excellent list of really well designed websites, absoulutely beautiful.

  • sabeer

    thanx for sharing this i was waiting it very badly keep posting

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  • Poje Mario

    Nice inspiration list.
    Greetings to Marko Prljic who made it on the list!

  • offset printing

    Great websites I love the Campus Vida site and how the sites content is inside the environment background image.

  • Web Design Brampton

    You really browse a lot to be able to collect these list…great I love most of them especially the dezinerfolio…very unique

  • Katey

    Absolutely gorgeous, hopefully some of the sites that we create in the future will appear here too. You site is clearly a great inspiration to many people including us.

  • Vicki – VictoriaAnn Design

    Lots of great sites here – those designers are so talented. Thank you for compiling and sharing the list. ~Vicki

  • Attitude Design | Graphic Design Portfolio

    Lovely selection – thanks for sharing. I particularly like the I love Colors site.

  • Mike

    Clean is “in.” Good to see.

  • Thomas Craig Consulting

    Very nice collection, love the colors, would be interesting to see a collection of sites that have changed over the past 10 years or so.

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  • deboo

    Awesome designs maan, Dam good

  • Sam Logan

    Great collection as always, I love the Nine Lion and Indiqo Media websites.

  • Markmill Wood

    Enjoyed viewing these sites. Great collection

  • Strafe Creative – Graphic design

    Just looking back at the best of 2009 to see how we’ve changed this past year. Some of those are still brilliant now!

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  • billy

    Really nice collection indeed !- makes you want to redesign your own site eh!

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  • Melfina

    Wow, amazing designs, very impressive.

  • DianaB

    Really creative stuff. I wonder if there are enough businesses out there that understand the quality of these designers and are willing to pay them what they deserve.