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  • chris

    hey buddy,

    Nice and informatics collection.

    thanks for this

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  • Albert


    This is the greatest vector links collection! Ever!

  • 2clicks

    EXCELLENT! I found here was I was looking for… AND MORE! I will keep this link in my resopurces.

  • Jessica Sykes

    Hey I made that big pink flower!! 😀 awsome to see it on there.

    Great list

  • Alex

    Thanks for your appreciation.

  • Moz

    Supper, these are excellent vector designs. Thanks

  • alfone

    thaxs, this best vector link…luv u

  • vector graphics

    i wounder what the license are, because i would like to add some to the new vector gallery I’m building up.

  • Heather Miller

    Thank you for this list! I’ve appreciated the compilation you’ve put together!


  • LISA

    cool list. here is an site for free vector graphics pack for commercial use

  • imran

    good work

  • chadlonius

    A nice list of resources.

  • Rajender Saini

    very good work & it is very useful for graphics

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  • Jackz

    This is a great collection of Vectors! I will recommend this site to everyone!!!!
    Loved it! I found everything i needed and a hell of a lot more!
    :) Thumbs up!

  • Alex

    Thanks for your appreciation. New vectors are added to this post every week so be sure to check it out from time to time.

  • samer

    thank you so much it’s lovely

  • saira

    For the first time on the net i have come across such a awesome collection. kudos!! to d uploaders. but i want to knw how to download them??? plz sum1 help me out…

  • Alex

    @saira … First of all, thanks. Second … each vector resource has a link attached to it. Follow that link and it will take you to the download page.

  • sian

    super thank you

    My last blog post : atbacagi

  • Fox

    Thank you for your beautiful post.

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  • magi

    excellent site to get our imaginations into reality…good work

  • Moller

    Thanks for the list!.
    Check the Ganato vector icons, they are 100% free!:

  • nazly

    seria bueno tener la version en español… vale la pena

  • Alex

    Translation of previous comment : “It would be nice to have a spanish version. It would worth the hastle.”

    For the time being we can’t offer the blog in more languages … maybe in the future.

  • Rendoggle

    I’d like to point out the Open Clipart Library ( ) is quite handy: it’s another collection of vector images – but they’re entirely free (in the public domain).

  • dmp

    nice vectors

  • Alex

    @Moller … is a pretty cool resource. I’ll include it in a future article.

  • Julievive Empasis

    thanks for sharing… this is very helpful

  • H.M. krishnatrey

    nice collections – H.M. krishnatrey

  • Jan

    Nice collections. Here is an site for free vector graphics pack for commercial use.

  • deniji

    nice…very nice…
    i do..

  • rajesh mawar dewas

    nice…very nice…
    i do..
    verry beautifull arrangment.thanks.
    i hope your work very nice to aletrnet junration.

  • http://algeria designer

    thanks for this very beatiful collection and i hope for you all the good luck.

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  • charles

    very nice

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  • SBL Vectorization | Photo manipulation

    Super cool vector list.

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  • georgiana

    Great collection.But you can also find some great free vectors on

  • Hino Used Trucks

    Thanks for the excellent graphics. I am going to use some of them for designing my website.

  • chadlonius

    Great resource and thank you.

  • palie

    wow.. aowsome!!!

  • sarah

    It’s great to see people connecting this way and helping each other out…really great collection, thanks!

  • 123freevectors
  • orion c jose

    hey…. this is the biggest vector links collection…
    but i tried to upload one of my works to some of the sites and they need a website name and i don’t have one…
    i am not a pro, u know… i don’t have one…
    can u send me some names of the sites where amateurs like me can upload ?

  • Susan Leve

    I say it’s gorgeous

  • Alex

    Sent you via email, Jose.

  • demang

    Thank You

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  • Wandtattoo Star

    Thx 😉

  • Vector

    Try for totally free vectors

  • Tracey


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  • Free Vector Download

    Nice list�

    You should add also :
    – cool free vector site.

  • Catherine Yani

    Great collection. You are bookmarked 😉

  • rajeshkumar.


  • free4vectors

    i am impressed it all vector
    Thank You
    I have also Psd Template.

  • Susi Wandtattoo

    Very nice vectors thanks a lot!

  • Green

    Beautiful, excellent… Thank you for these links… Fantastic website :)

    Excuse me for my English, I’m French.

  • ola sam

    wow these is whot ive been lookin for, nice keep it up

  • Jay Squared Web Design & Web Development

    Awesome collection, thank you!

  • Simone Souza

    Thanks a lot for all the information from free vectors.
    Congratulations! :)

  • arindom

    grt collection.

  • SOS Media

    Thanks for the fine vectors. Very helpful!

  • Bless


  • Manashaaaa

    I find no words to explain the beauty…

  • Rano has also some unique vectors

  • Jerome kumar

    It is nice and very thankful to u

  • q2

    Cool and awesome…im very thank you to you…


    I think I got another one bigger compilation with added links too, to share with you; I hope be useful

  • Hay Mar Oo

    cool and fantastic ..

  • Alex

    Great list!

    Don’t forget where all the vector is free to use in your personal and commercial designs!

  • Laura

    Hi Alex, thanks for the download. The designs are great.

  • ishtar

    how do you save the .ai vectors into adobe illustrator? in to which folder? newbie here. ^_^ thanks a lot.

  • Ganesh

    Thanks for sharing these neat vectors.

  • killy

    yet another great free vector site:

  • afemmegeek

    Thank you! This is just what I’ve been searching for! :) I’ll tweet in a few…

  • Allan

    This vast collection is truly amazing !! Thanks for all these awesome vectors !!

  • Derryl

    Where are those sexy female vectors that I saw on the front-page banner before I clicked into this article?

    Otherwise, great collection!

  • Tony

    Another great vector freebies site: You can download exclusive vectors and take part in the monthly vector contest to win $100!

  • Mario Dabrowski is another great resource. Thanks for the list!

  • paul

    thanks for sharing.
    I really love your website design, it’s really beautiful!

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  • Jon

    I don’t think I could have designed these any better. Thanks for the vectors.

  • klou

    Nice resources. You might also want to check for Free quality vectors.

  • fictive

    best free vector download daily update

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  • lAKSH

    Great collectiosssssssssss
    really nicee

  • Free Vector Logos

    Wow! Now this is a real collection of vector sites. You did an amazing job putting this list together. You should think about submitting this article to Digg as it would surely get Dugg!

  • Lee Francis

    The joys of Google!
    I wouldn’t have found this site otherwise.
    WILL come again.

  • Jannis Gerlinger

    Lovly collection!

  • Bobby

    Inspired resources yet again. You find the best graphics.

  • Anthrax

    Really great collection. Quite useful for us graphic designers. Thank You

  • Jannis Gerlinger

    This is awesome !

  • Biggi Wandtattoos

    Many thanks for this collection of vectors – they are a great help!

  • estetik

    wery nice vectors.. great sharing.. thanks

  • http://---- shaz

    great job

  • Free Vectors

    A great Website for free vectors:


    Great List! Nice to see you.
    More free vectors art at here:

  • Dan

    Great list!
    Another website that offers free vector downloads is

  • emmanuel

    i am happy seeing this, thanks for making it free.
    this is what i have been looking for, for my graphic design

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  • josh

    I like Take5 Magazine for vectors myself!


  • 123freevectors

    Check out this! More than 950 free vectors at

  • alvina

    Assalamo-alikum, its realy great to see these beautifull free vectors coz its help me to enhance my Graphic quailities……… GREATTTTTT

  • Freevectorlibrary

    Have you taken a look at We’re collecting the very best vectors in an easily searchable format! Currently in beta!

  • Jason

    This is a great list. You may want to add They have many high quality vector designs exclusively offered by them.

  • Ian

    thank you, just the image i was looking for [cracked paint repeatable vector]

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  • Inspirationfeed

    Great roundup!

  • zikoon

    pretty awesome 😉

  • Texture Plus

    i love the badges and the logotypies :-)

  • chadlonius

    thank you for the resource!

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  • nata

    i love the vector is the best dah

  • A u d e e

    Hi Alex, great vector resources you listed here :)
    I know about this very late, sorry for this… but I will spread the word cos it is definitely useful!
    Much thanks for featuring Graphic Identity floral vector on Deviant Art.
    Maybe this Graphic Identity Delicious vector bookmarks can also be handy for everyone 😉

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  • Oteller rehberi

    thahts great archives thanks for shairing…

  • http://facebook ayushi

    grt 1…

  • Jae Xavier

    Awesome. Thanks!

  • Geld lenen zonder bkr toetsing

    Great collection, really helpful, Thanks for sharing!

  • Schecter214

    Great stuff. Thanks.

  • mamunbiswas

    thanks my friend

  • nikhil

    thanx dude

  • sheikh salman

    awesome thanks for the help

  • Elizabeth

    Que chévere, son una maravilla, me ayudan muchísimo

  • Henry

    Most of this vectors are valuable to be tries once.

  • Sammy

    That’s awesome!

  • Diseño Web

    It’s a great post. Thank you!

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  • Adriana

    Wow, this is an amazing collection of free vector resources! Great job Alex. I would add All Free Vectors to this collection, I find it very useful.
    Check it out:

  • 16i

    Some great vectors here – particularly the badges… downloading now :)

  • Venkatesh

    very nice….

  • lzkim

    Nice vectors collection, Thanks for helping. I found this very useful. :-)

  • Inkvector

    Nice. Thank you.

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  • nitGreen

    All Vector collection is wonderful , but i love RSS icons.

    Its quite impressive !

  • r466n1

    thanks for vector…..

  • Troquelados

    Wow, some of these are just simply amazing

  • Ravi Bhardwaj

    Realiy thanksfull of u….

  • Pink Lanyard

    Excellent! Great article, I already saved it to my favourite,

  • paachu l പാച്ചു


  • Ryde1971

    thank you

  • rodken

    over 3 years since this has been posted and I just found it, great thing about vectors is they never age.
    Just found your site so I’m sure I’ll find some more awesome stuff here, Thanks!

  • Empregos Em Montes Claros

    Great pics, thx.

  • Syedqurat

    been searching an
    article with this topic thanks I have it now.

  • Alam

     thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Object Synergy

    Really Awesome &  largest collection of free vectors .

  • VectorPile

    Great list!

    But it won’t be complete without

     in it. Please consider adding it in a future update.


  • Nirav Dave

    Awesome collection thanks.. its really helpful for me.

  • Badarudheen Go

    for what did u get anything from her baby

  • Lux Limo

    Very nice collection here – thanks :)

  • Jim

    Unique vector image downloades available at