WordPress Design Do’s and Don’ts for 2018

Using a WordPress site for your business needs is relatively common in the world today, particularly with smaller or start-up businesses. Your website needs to properly represent your brand, and also needs to be set up with the utmost attention to detail. It is easy to make even small mistakes while setting up your WordPress website, so here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for 2018.


DO: Choose the right design for your needs


The theme and layout of your website is the first thing clients will notice about it, and thus it will be one of the first impressions that they will have of your business. Choosing a sloppy or overwhelming theme may turn people off to investing in your company or even contacting you, so you must be especially careful about choosing a theme.


Make a list of the features you are positive that you want – perhaps a large header image, or a certain type of listing capabilities. With your list, check out the various WordPress themes and find the ones that fit your needs. Also, make sure that your theme is responsive and has mobile capabilities. Many present-day clients access websites via smartphone, so having a mobile compatible website theme is important.


DON’T: Use copyrighted images without permission


This may seem like a given but avoid copyrighted images unless you have permission from the owner to use them. There are plenty of both free and paid stock photograph websites that will fit your needs, or you can create your own photographs and graphics for your website. You can also hire other companies to help you create content specifically for your business, such as Rouge, a WordPress design company near London.


Companies like this can help you avoid tricky copyright infringement, as well as help you create and design a stunning website perfectly suited to your business. Rates vary by company, so be sure to research to make sure they can work with your budget. However, it would be worth it to avoid the copyright issues.


DO: Consider purchasing a premium theme


Premium themes often have the simple and efficient design that you need to make a beautiful website for your business. Many of the free designs will not be as responsive or adaptable as you need them to be for your business purposes. While searching, consider looking at and testing some of the premium themes to see if any of them are the right fit.


DON’T: Choose a hard to read font


This may also seem like a given, but in a world driven by the internet, fonts are strangely important. Finding a simple, streamlined font is a great way to make sure that your clients are able to read all the necessary information for your business. While choosing a font, remember that even if it looks “cool”, it might be difficult for some users to read. Try to choose a simple font with little to no frills for the sake of your clients.


DO: Consider colour psychology


If this is something that interests you or that you believe may be a useful tool for your business, consider utilizing colour psychology. Essentially, specific colours invoke certain feelings and associations in human beings. Avoid colours with negative associations (i.e., the colour yellow, which is typically associated with “warning”) and find ones that fit your brand ideals. Blue often indicates professionalism and trust, which is why many brands use blue it in their logos. Green is associated with nature, which can be great for businesses dependent on natural things. The list goes on, so be sure to look into colour psychology if you think it could be advantageous to you.


DON’T: Overload your website


Streamlined media is the easiest and most efficient way for us to absorb information. Keep your website sleek and organized, and customers will be more inclined to believe the best of your business.


Design is a key aspect of your website and the success of your business. Do not be afraid to hire a company for help if you find yourself worried about what to do. A successful WordPress site means a successful business!


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