Which is the best platform to make a small business website?

In this digital era, where everything is becoming online, small businesses are also exploring this field as most of the customers now use the internet so it becomes important for every business to have an online presence. Having a business website increases the customer reach as well as keeps you in the competition, through your website you can provide premier information about your business to the people like you can provide your contact information, opening times, and store address, information about sales, new products and event timings. This way of marketing will highlight your business as people use the internet all the time so people can engage with your brand even after you have shut up your shop. If you do not have a website for your business then you are losing out on potential customers. But people often get scared as they have a mindset that creating a website is a complicated and expensive task while it is not the scenario anymore.

Choosing the Best Platform to Create Website

In today’s time creating a website is a very easy task, all you need is the best platform. To create a website one only needs to follow a few steps. As by following these few steps you can create your website on your own without the need of any digital marketing company. First, you need to check for your domain name availability on the platform from where you want to buy the domain name like GoDaddy and Bluehost and if the domain name is available then choose it and register it. For your business website, you should consider domain name of .com version as consumers mostly use .com when entering a web address. Next step is finding the perfect domain name which is classy, trendy, easy to pronounce and easy to remember if your business name is taken. The new business website name should be search engine friendly as the domain name should be an optimized name. Using a location to find a unique domain name is also a good idea as this can help your website appear in Google since people often search for websites with their location.

Find Right Web Hosting for Your Website

The next and most important step is choosing the right platform for hosting your small business website. Selecting a perfect host for your website can be a tedious task as there are many options available in the market to choose the form which often creates the dilemma in the mind of the web developer. The major and vital role of host service is to actually store the website and transmitting it to the visitors. According to the experience of various developers, it is given that there are two major platforms for hosting a website which is best.

Those top two web hosting platforms are Bluehost and Weebly. Out of these two platforms, Bluehost is mostly considered by the web designers as it is the most versatile hosting option for web development. At Bluehost you can perform various tasks like you can register your domain, you can get hosting for your website and you can even get a business email address from it. While the Bluehost is way too professional, Weebly is user-friendly.

Weebly hosting platform offers better-personalized customer support as compared to other hosting platforms. This feature of Weebly makes it a better option for people who possess only basic knowledge of Java web Development Company and needs a simple website for themselves. Weebly lets the web developer edit their website just by dragging and dropping all the elements they require. However, Weebly is less considered by people because it is expensive as compared to Bluehost.

Create Website with CMS like WordPress

After the hosting of a domain is done now it is the time to create a website and to create a website as simple as an information website, a builder platform is required. The most common, popular and easy to use website builder platform is WordPress. WordPress is suitable for both tech-savvy and no tech savvy people as it has a great user interface which helps step by step in creating a basic website for any business. Apart from creating a basic website, WordPress also has unlimited features and functionality which a developer can explore and implement to create a dynamic website.

To explore all of the WordPress features and using it for the creation of website all you need is to familiarize yourself with the backend menu of WordPress. There are various other features too which make WordPress the best platform for creating a website like the WordPress community provides guides, documents and recorded videos for the web developers so that they can create a website step by step. Unlike other platforms, WordPress gives full control of the website to the developer and it can be used to create any kind of websites like eCommerce website, community forums and more. The best feature of WordPress is that it is free.

Written by Divyesh Aegis


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