When Is The Right Time To Redesign Your Website?

Today, it’s essential for businesses to have a nice looking, easy to use, and responsive website. Most visitors check your online portfolio along with your competition before deciding to call, request a quote or move away. In fact, Google reports that over 50% of users will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Your website is, therefore, an integral element that potential clients use to judge your business.  It could be your 24/7 sales assistant if done right.  Sadly, most companies understand the importance of having a user-friendly site and notice problems with their current one, but still, don’t where or when to start the redesign process.

Redesigning a website is not cakes and ale. It doesn’t matter whether you hire a freelancer, do it yourself or hire a reputable agency like Digitrio. A website redesign requires time and money. And the result is having a new remarkable online presence that you’re proud to show everyone.

So, how do you know it’s the right time to redesign your website?

Looks Outdated

Many businesses redesign their websites for many reasons, but the major one is because it is old-looking. There are many companies that still use so outdated websites today that even people with no experience in web design can tell.

An old looking site can hurt your business, particularly when your visitors have many options to choose from. Potential customers are more likely to opt for a nice looking website that is easy to use as it offers the assurance that the company is updated on the latest trends and technologies.

Unresponsive And Incompatible With All Devices

Several years ago, it was understandable for businesses to maintain their desktop-only sites because most people did not use other devices like smartphones to research, connect with friends, shop, and order food.

Today’s users use tablets, laptops, desktops, and smartphones. And most of them expect a more responsive website that’s easy to navigate. They want to make sure that once they save the product in the cart, they will still find it there if they use their desktop. Users also want to research and share information from their phones. So if your site doesn’t offer a smooth experience, you may lose these customers.

Bad User Experience And Difficult To Navigate

How many times do you look at what your competitors are doing? Sadly, most businesses don’t bother checking what their competitors are doing until it’s too late. Technology is rapidly changing, and companies who grasp the latest trends and understand customer behavior are more likely to succeed.

Therefore, always pay attention to what your competition is doing, check their sites for new features, see what other giant players are doing and borrow a leaf from them to improve your website. That way, you provide the best experience to your visitors, making it easy to convert them into clients.

When you redesign your site, make sure to develop it in such a way that allows it to grow with your company, so that you can add more features and functionalities when needed.

Change Of Business Strategy

There are many companies who change their business strategy or launch new products and services but fail to show these things on their website. It is imperative for your website to reflect your new strategy so that you don’t lose your clients to your competition.

So if you know that your customers visit your site before requesting a quote, emailing or calling double check to ensure your new strategy reflects your business. Your clients need to see the current business, and if it doesn’t reflect your brand, then it’s time to change.

Difficulty In Updating Content

Great content can set you apart from your competition and deliver the right information to your customers. Content marketing can make or break your business and the ability to update content through a content management system is necessary. And as you do so, also ensure that your website is optimized for SEO to boost your marketing strategies.

Malfunctioned Or Poor Features

Good web development is also crucial when redesigning your site. Having a site that looks great but has nonfunctioning features is a recipe for losing business. It’s not uncommon to read reviews about clients complaining that their shopping cart is too complex and companies take forever to fix it. You might lose millions of dollars for failing to upgrade your site for thousands of dollars.

Redesigning a website is important if you want to remain relevant and stay in business. Companies that often improve their sites tend to attract and retain customers than those who don’t

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