Websites of the Week: Eat, Drink x Be Merry!

Over my many years as a freelance designer, the one industry that I’ve been asked to design most for is the Food & Beverage industry. This isn’t surprising, just along my street I’ve witnessed several new restaurants and cafes pop up in under 3 years – I can only imagine the worldly statistics.

With more restaurants coming up, it certainly means more opportunities for us designers. This week we’ve scoured the internet in search of some inspiration for restaurant, cafes, drink sites, so here’s a list that made the cut. These sites include all the basics of an F&B site but have caught our eye because of its unique in some form no matter how tiny.


websites of the week_8

Gilgul is an Israeli restaurant that serves authentic food with an awesome website. Have a look here

Seattle Cider Company

websites of the week_4

Cider’s got to be one of my fav drinks especially during the summer days. This site has an awesome graphic explaining its brewing process. Check it our here

Garland Jack

I love the in-your-face graphics of the entire site and everything just comes together in a fun way. If you need some grill marinate, this is the place to visit.

The Girl and the Bull

Similar in concept with our first feature, The Girl and the Bull has simplicity at it’s heart. Check out their mouth watering menu while your there


This is a pretty normal site, except that it’s got great use of some parallax. Small changes with monumental effect. Watch the fruits

Oh Beer

A fun app with a fun, engaging site. Find out what beer you have and conquer all different types along your quest. Play

Soyuz Coffee
These guys are coffee roasters. An informative and impressive site that makes good use of the scrolling effect. Check it out

Church of the Atom

I’m very much into names that do not immediately spark what they do. This is the case for yet another coffee brewer. They also have an awesome gallery with a unique product layout. Go to church

The Bunker 

Although horizontal sites have decreased over the years due to responsiveness. This site still deserves some graphical merit. Have a look

Got inspiration?

Websites of the Week (WOW) is our weekly roundup post showcasing some of the coolest, most inspirational sites ever created. We seek out sites that have fresh ideas which do an exceptional job in marrying design and tech. If you have or know of such a site, send them our way using our contact form!

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