Which Elements of Your Site Must be Highlighted ?

In this article we will discuss the elements of the site that must be highlighted in design to attract visitor’s attention. This will allow to make your site the most effective and understandable for people who visit it.

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All pages of the site must be designed in one style that was well planned beforehand. And for some elements of the page you should pay more attention, because they are more important and strategical. So you need to highlight them and then the user won’t spend much time on searching.

Here are the elements you need to highlight :


It is an important part of any site, and it must be designed in the proper way, it must be logically and graphically understandable and be the first to see when user comes to the web page. Don’t make people who visited your site for the first time search the menu for a long time.

Sign up form

It is strategically important part of your site. The number of sign-ups depends on its place an layout. The form itself draws attention, but sometimes its size is diminished greatly and placed where it can be hardly seen. So, try to place it at the top, for example in the header, above the menu or at the top of right or left column on the web page. It will depend on the type of your site and how you planned to place different elements.

RSS subscription

At the present moment people subscribe to RSS not very actively, though it also depends on the theme of site. But you shouldn’t ignore it and hide the button of subscription. It must be emphasized and seen well by visitors. That is why most of sites build big beautiful RSS buttons, and write phrases calling to actions.

Services and products

If you offer some services or goods, place the link with their description on the fore. It is better to give it some contrast color so that it was well seen on the background of all other links on the page.

Search form

Some sites ignore this element, and search form is absent there. Some don’t pay much attention to it and if visitor wants to use it, he has to spend much time searching this element. If your site contains a big number of pages, it is highly important for you to have a search form there and it should be placed somewhere at the top of your site. In this case visitor will easily see it and use without any difficulty. Often visitors don’t have enough time to look through the whole section or site searching for some material, that is why the presence of search form on the fore of the site will affect the success of the whole web resource.

Registration form

The registration form is also very important part of the site if it has the following feature. Try to make this web form as simple as you can. Don’t ask many unnecessary questions and guarantee that all information about user will stay private. You should also think about the design of form. It must be made in one style and color palette as the whole site. If you can’t do it yourself – you may use one of online web form generators like phpforms or wufoo.

Contact us

Link to contact form or page with contact information is very often placed at the top of a page where users will easily find it.

Below there’s an image. Notice in the HTML code the way it should be formatted : with a title tag and alt tag. Also the image must be situated in the “images” directory and the name of the file should be relevant to the article. The width should be 600px and the height can have any value.


It is a list of the most important elements of the site that you should highlight and as a result make your site more user-friendly. But also it all depends on the type of your web resource and its purpose. And don’t afraid to make experiments, even if you make some mistakes, then you will correct them and every day your site will become more and more perfect.

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