Web Design Trends That You Should Apply to Your Site in 2019

To say that the tech industry is a realm that is fickle as the direction of the wind is a statement that has been used countless times that at this point, it’s nothing short of annoying to hear.

But, there is truth in that statement. Especially when you consider that since the Internet was introduced to the world, it would seem that the rate at which we are able to come up with new technological advancements has never been so rapid.


Web Design Trends in 2019

This has also influenced the rate at which trends rise and fade. And it would seem that this cycle is currently set to have an annual change. So, what are the web design trends that should be used this year?


Glitch Art


Nothing would serve to properly accentuate the digital age we currently live in more than glitch art. Glitches in a system are more common than we would want them to be, but this presents in itself a very relatable aspect of technology. Having a part of your website become warped or double-exposed can draw a visitor’s attention. This is one of those cases where art can be found amidst distortion.



Whether it’s in fashion or in interior design, minimalism seems to be a staple design choice among artists. This is because it’s easy on the eyes and it emanates a sense of organization. Sticking to a simple palette is bound to make any website appealing. This page on Collagen features a minimalistic palette and is a perfect example of how a minimalistic design can be great for your site.


AI Chatbots


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of the most popular buzzwords in recent memory. And this is rightly so, especially when you consider that these could potentially be the most disruptive pieces of technology to date.


While chat bots aren’t new, they can be further enhanced to provide a more personalized user experience with AI. We have yet to see a flawless implementation of this design element but one simply cannot deny its potential.




If you have ever used Facebook Messenger or Viber, then you’re going to be familiar with the improved user experience that microinteractions bring. These are fine details that are triggered by events on the sight, such a mouse-over, a click, or even a script for, say, when your recipient reads the message you sent.


Microinteractions simply make the website seem more alive and fun to use. A few examples of microinteractions are loading animations, and simple sounds that indicate a certain event or trigger.


Curvier Geometrics


Sharp shapes have been found to be too intimidating, but shapes that are too cartoonish lack the depth and seriousness that sharp shapes exhibit. This design trend seeks to combine both styles into a design that is not only modern, but also welcoming.


The goal here is to appeal to the user’s curiosity. This can be achieved with greater effect if you layer shapes over each other.

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