Web Design Trends You Should Adopt in 2012

Man steps ahead trying to better the already existing forms and creating new ones at the same time. In the world of web design, changes are a must. The design needs to be appealing, attractive and related. The changes will improve the reading and viewing experiences of the users and the subscribers.

Web Design Trends 2012

Several blogs and tech sites have already forecasted various possible design strategies that may be trending the current year. Let us go through the existing and upcoming trends that will set the line for 2012 in the world of web design.

Bigger Logos and Headers

The bigger the logo or header, the catchier it is. This year will see websites featuring oversized headers followed by a single line of writing.

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A lot of users have phobia of clicking on to read further cause of poor navigation and spam links. Capture the eye of the user with well designed logos which describe the content of your page. This will serve in the form of a splash page.

Hand Drawn Graphics

Although this is not completely new, yet it is a trend that can be commonly used by several web designers. A lot of the designers do not include hand drawn sketches due to their inability to draw them. Yet, a simple hand drawn sketch can bring more personality to the content and focus the viewer’s attention on the graphics. It is innovative.

Denise Chandler

Hand drawn graphics establish a sense of personal linking to the viewer in contrast to the cold web images. This will definitely play an elemental role in personalizing the website.


This will bring about a fresh outlook and help get rid of the monotonousness. Web designers are not comfortable experimenting with an assorted list of fonts. This will improve the design and will be more effective than saturating the web content with just images.

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Fonts allow you to set the tone and establish the related content. It is a diverse field and experimenting can lead to an excellent design.

Circular Image Outline

Recent times have seen a decline in this format of posting images. It was difficult to design such outlines a couple of years back. However, with the CSS3, it is easier to create such fancy box texts. The application of this leads the web designers to look at images in a different light. You do not need to even use images; a basic cove design with a modest text on it turns it into an attractive logo. Such circular archetypes have growing demand to be used in the form of navigation link, portfolio works and footer icons.

Big Vector Art

Websites often feature cool and funny mascots that hover around. Implementing these oversized vector images in the form of any avatar can seriously boost the marketing abilities of your site. Mail Chimp and the small business man are available in a few sites.


This can be a prominent trend setting aspect. It adds to aesthetic appearance of the website and sets a more friendly tone with the viewer.

These are few of the probable trend setting approaches in the web designer’s world. Nothing can be pin pointed for sure as to be a leading trend. The web designers have quick learning abilities and it is essential that they use their imagination more in order to make a mark in the design. 2012 might see some really new trends being set in as much as old ones being revived. Plenty of innovation and new semantics will usher us into the World Wide Web.

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