3 Ways That Learning How to Code Can Enhance Your Web Design Skills

Do you feel like you’re consistently losing web design business to your competitors?

Having trouble getting interviews at your dream company?

The truth is that there could be some gaps in your web design skillset — and coding could be one of them.

In this post, we’ll cover just three of the countless ways that learning how to code will help you to improve your overall web design skills.

1. Your Work Will Improve

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should learn to code is that it will vastly improve your web design skills as a whole.

Attending a code academy will allow you to improve the user experience, help clients to keep better track of site analytics and get more out of their data, and you’ll be able to approach problems from a new way.

You’ll even see your collaborative skills improve, especially if you frequently work with developers and marketing departments. Plus, because you’ll have a better grasp on UX and UI interfaces, you can back up your points with hard data — not just your personal opinion.

Plus, having a knowledge of code allows you to clearly illustrate what you can do for clients — and exceed their expectations. You’ll also be able to pick up skills that make team members’ lives easier.

2. You’ll Enjoy Greater Career Flexibility

The average person changes jobs about 12 times over the course of their lives.

Maybe you’re ready for your next change — but would like for your time job-hopping to finally come to an end. When you learn to code, you’ll finally have an “in” to the industry or even specific company you’ve always wanted to work with.

Coding is needed in a wide variety of workplaces and industries, from engineering and the financial world to marketing and healthcare.

Coding sets you free from your “Mr. Right Now” position so that you can chase your dreams.

3. You’ll Be More Valuable

Whether you’re a freelance web designer or if you currently work for a company, there’s no denying that knowing how to code will seriously increase your overall market value.

This will make it easier for you to negotiate a higher salary or even push for a full-time position.

We know you’d love to be able to work less and earn more.

In many cases, learning how to code means that a website designer can increase their salary by as much as 50%.

Boost Your Web Design Skills by Learning to Code

Whether you want to improve your marketability, command a higher salary, or enjoy greater career flexibility, learning to code can only improve your web design skills.

However, keep in mind that, in the hyper-competitive world of website design, coding is just one of the many skills you need to have in your back pocket.

Curious about how mastering skills like SEO, social media, intuitive design, and even making mobile-friendly websites will help you to be a better web designer?

Make sure you keep reading our blog to keep pace with the latest trends in the design industry — and know the skills you need to learn next.

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