Unveiling the Future of Web Development

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20 Responses

  1. On the infrastructure side, I think you will be seeing major improvements. Cloud and virtualization services will allow hosting providers to deliver turnkey, scalable platforms. This will make hosting applications even more of a commodity. Imaging if you are a web dev firm specializing in Drupal. What if your hosting provider could customize an “image” for you that you use whenever you need a new Drupal hosting instance. This could contain all of your business-specific customizations. This type of turn-key application hosting will place even greater emphasis design, usability and production usage than on the bits and bytes that power a site.

  2. aditia says:

    I think the device should be considered to, from the look of growing smartphone users and now the ipad too

  3. PixelCrayons says:

    Thanks for making us a part of your esteemed blog.


  4. Shitty article to make some IE advertising…. if you want to write something about the feature of web development start talking about real browsers like: FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari not this Micro$hit stuff.

  5. Ivan Ray says:

    This post is awesome. I really agree with what you said about the future of web development and its different aspect. It’s true that web site architecture is important to consider. Simple web design is going out of style. There’s a sea of change going on in the world of web design and web site architecture is one of the great changes. We enjoy creating sites with complex web site architecture so that it can be presented to the visitor in a user-friendly way with content management systems Drupal and Joomla. Our site is http://www.datascribe.biz/.

  6. akosiJill says:

    Its good to see where we are headed. I think these changes are not surprising.

  7. Andrew says:

    @Comanici Paul
    hmmm…no microshit…lol

    Lets hear something on real browsers(mozilla, chrome and all)from you only Comanici. It will be nice to share your thoughts with us all. Lets c wot u got to say.

  8. Alex Jones says:

    Nice Article�I would prefer not to agree the point you mention ��Lessening the demand for PSD to HTML Services� I don�t think the new developments in website development side will affect the people in the design world cuz no matter how amazing your product at development side is, you still need a graphic (PSD) to convert to HTML and then fix it to different platforms I think all these people wanted to learn is how to integrate the designs in different development platforms. And yes strongly agrees to the IE9 points�

  9. Ben Stokes says:

    Really not looking forward to ie 9 !! I much prefer Google Chrome 🙂

  10. Shennan T. says:

    I definitely enjoy using all those platforms. It makes my designing that much easier and faster. Quick turnaround for clients and they get amazed because of the quality of the sites. Great article.

  11. Matt Cove says:

    Good to see where web development is going – and ultimately the move away from IE6 etc.

  12. Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and hundreds of content management systems, which actually ease out the very work of building a site. I do agree with these words, that all these platforms have built-in functions and they accept all the payment methods.

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