Unveiling the Future of Web Development

The inevitable and by far the most important industry that is, the web development industry is constantly evolving. In this ever-growing, fast-paced industry it becomes really important to predict a future and its course of development over the years. Where almost the whole set of economy is either directly or indirectly based on this development, its actually pretty easy to see the stand in the coming years/months.

What is web development?

In a nut shell, where every one is well aware of the term ‘web development’, we still would like to define it as the work involved in developing a website, which basically includes web design, web content development, search engine optimization, net-security configuration, e-commerce development, etc.

Future of Web Development

Its just that you need to hit the nail right on the head and uncover the near future of web development in the cards.

Platforms are reinventing the wheel with each site

Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and hundreds of content management systems, which actually ease out the very work of building a site. Platforms can reduce a lot of time on a project so that a web developer can actually concentrate on other areas of Web development, including usability, conversion and Web marketing, for instance. Because most of the platforms are in fact CMSs, they allow clients to update their own content without any HTML knowledge. A platform won’t be able to replace the need for proper planning and execution, but it can freed from some of the drudgery of development. Of course, this brings it’s own potential problems, which would automatically result in …

…Lessening the demand for PSD to HTML Services

This trend has actually started where PSD to HTML conversion service providers are not exactly losing their jobs but, are forced to cut down significantly on their charges. In other words, they have come down to more niche jobs such as open source software customisation.

Future of Web Development 2

Increasing focus on personal projects

Most creative ideas are like the juices that lubricate and facilitate the flow of unique and effective ideas. To tell you the truth, with the ever-growing popularity of the devices like iPhones, iPads and others, its actually high time that all the people on the creative front must refill and ferment those juices before they are ready for consumption.

And in fact, many developers have already started their own projects because not only they are lot more fun but also, you end up encountering more challenges and find space for your personal taste.

IE9- the new trend

The Microsoft Company- we all love to hate is turning a new leaf. IE9 is a vast improvement to the browsers Microsoft has been putting out as of late. Its going to be a real modern browser with standard-compliant such as HTML5 and CSS3. Due to the security vulnerabilities in the outdated version of IE, people have started realising the need to upgradation. Its going to be really cool and hope, it would surely tend to curb the use of IE6.

Future of Web Development - Internet Explorer 9

Open web standards

Developers who are not comfortable sticking with the coding standards sometime try to bypass them. Community of such developers will be benefited from the use of these open web standards. Otherwise, it used to be tough to sell the clients on the importance of valid standard compliant and semantic-codes.

Learn More, be it technology or languages

Being the vital part of such a constantly changing and shifting technology, take it as the need of the hour or otherwise, but the need to have a broad scope of knowledge and earning specialisation in something or the other is growing day by day.

The future looks bright enough to provide a talented enough web development team to provide  a flexibility to help a business leverage the Web to generate more online leads, convert those leads into customers, and improve from the scratch altogether.
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