Three awesome caricatures you should see

 The Newly Wedded Couple

This is really great for keeping memories. Snapping pictures and having photoshoots during wedding ceremonies can be a bit of a cliché.so you want to add creativity to it. And what better way to do it than to get goofy pictures of yourself and your partner on your big day.  It will also serve for good hilarious memories down the line.

The Doggie Driver

Look at the dog behind the steering wheels. vroom!!! look at him go. This is a great dog caricature! Shows that the owner trusts it enough to allow it behind the steering wheels or it could just be that the caricaturist has a very creative mind.

The bearded Monk Doctor (monkDoc)

Looks like this doctor decided to ditch the white coat and took the oath of silence, accepting to live the rest of his life meditating and enlightening himself, drawn away from the things of this world to search for the divine. But hey! He still has his stethoscopes, a doc will always be a doc.


Caricature Design: an interesting trend in the design industry

Comic book illustrations are one of the most interesting and fun ways to promote a brand image to your target audience. In a nutshell, the caricature is above all an ingenious illustration that adds a comic touch to the otherwise important marketing efforts.

Any business can use the caricature logo to have a lasting impact on their audience. With a caricature logo, you can pay more attention to your target audience and get them to learn more about your company and brand.

Exaggerated caricatures are a type of visual communication that sends a message to the target audience. It is said that the presentation of ideas by means of comics has been an important factor in attracting public attention. Any subject of human interest can be the subject of a caricature.

Among the artists, the caricature is an integral part of modern art. Over the years, this has been a means of conveying a strong implication of the artist’s thought.

What is a caricature?

A caricature is a funny cartoon expression that has exaggerated features to make the viewer smile. Today, many companies have started designing their logos, including caricature characters, to appeal to their audiences.

It is interesting to note that marketers are increasingly planning to use their own caricature or other fictional character to reach a wider audience, regardless of age, culture or language.

Why should I consider drawing drawings for visual communication?

Current communication methods have evolved over time, and late visual communication methods have emerged first in the marketing world. The transmission of information through symbols and images has long been a formula, but as technology advances, the industry sees different approaches. Caricatures have become a fascinating method of visual communication. Therefore, one cannot deny that companies get great benefits by including comics in their logos.

Marketing reports show that caricatures are viewed 8 times more and 17 times more likely to remember. Why do caricatures have the potential to act as a magnetic force to attract more potential customers and increase the return on investment of the company.

Here are some reasons why the caricature should embellish its logos:

  • The drawing reflects the symbolism

The caricature logo can be used to represent symbolism. Caricature designers can use these symbols to represent a broader concept of their brand. The symbols are mainly for larger concepts or ideas. Caricatureing can be the best way to get your audience to think about the products and services you offer.

  • Caricature badges improve the brand image

A caricature logo can increase the importance of an important feature of a brand. By graphically representing the facial and physical characteristics of individuals, a company can show the importance of this characteristic for businesses. This is a point that has been proven to attract the attention of potential customers and highlight the value of existing customers. Most brands that deal with man-made apparel products or services use caricatures to showcase their products and services.

  • Caricature for labeling

A logo is a label for your brand. When you present yourself as your emblem, you cannot deny that it clearly illustrates what they represent. Tagging is a way to reach your target audience immediately. Custom labels make your business different from the competition. When a company uses these brands in its products, packaging and even emails, it creates a consistent presence of the brand in the company. You can choose the communication marketing articles you want to use to inform your audience about your activity.

  • Caricature: playful but professional

The logos must have a unique design and a professional appearance. Caricatures allow you to present a brand in a formal but fun environment. In this way, the public can understand the products and services of the company without compromising the real appeal of the brand. The caricature logos can be seen as a source of trust and increase the value of your customers. Funny but professionally designed logos are a gateway to generating more impressive leads.

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