These 5 Page Design Elements Immediately Capture Interest

When your goal is to capture interest from visitors right away, you can’t go overboard with flashing images and distractions. This type of content only worked for Myspace and other social platforms.

When you want to capture visitor attention on your website, you need elements that capture interest but don’t detract from the overall user experience. Not all attention-grabbing page elements stand out; sometimes the best elements blend into your design and it’s more about placement than anything.

Engagement should always be a priority because high engagement generates more conversions. To get more interest and start increasing your conversions, try adding these page elements to your website.

  1. Spinning dollar amounts

You’ve probably seen websites that display animated numbers that roll up and increase the second you scroll to that number. For example, a case study published by utilizes the spinning, increasing numbers to demonstrate financial figures representing success.

This type of animation captures attention, but also creates a pleasing, psychological effect. When people see dollar amounts rising in real time, it feels good; it feels like success. If you’re trying to demonstrate that you can help your visitors achieve some kind of financial success, you definitely want to test this type of page element. However, use it sparingly and only where necessary since it can be distracting otherwise.

  1. A strong headline

Headlines can be eye-catching even when they’re printed in standard font. Since people scan web pages as they scroll, they look for headlines. If your headlines are strong and even clever, your visitors will stop and take note as they’re scrolling and scanning.


Writing strong headlines isn’t tough, but you’ll want to follow a headline formula to get it right. Ideally, the best headlines are as short as possible, but use power words to convey big meanings.

There are exceptions, however. Sometimes long headlines are ideal, but it depends on the content. On a long-form sales page, long headlines work well. There’s nothing to compete for a user’s attention – no sidebar, top menu, or fancy headings. On a long-form sales page, the visitor has no choice but to start reading the title at the top of the page.

If you can catch a visitor’s interest with your headlines, they’ll be more likely to continue reading your content and that makes them more likely to convert.

  1. Social media buttons

Sometimes visitors’ attention is best captured by social media buttons. Today’s web visitors don’t always have much time, and they’re often multi-tasking while visiting websites. If busy visitors see your social media buttons, they’ll click to follow you on sites like Facebook and Instagram, thereby ensuring you get to keep them in front of your brand.

Social media buttons don’t need to be fancy, but it does help to create buttons that look unique and blend in with your website’s design. Not sure what kind of buttons you want? You can find plenty of ideas for social media buttons on Pinterest.

  1. A simple design

Just as there are elements that can capture attention by their presence, so can the absence of elements. Websites are often a little too busy, creating distractions for visitors on every page. When you have a simple design that looks clean and makes use of white space, that can be enough to capture significant attention.

Some of the most popular websites have clean designs. For instance, Seth Godin’s website is one of the simplest designs around, almost reminiscent of the 1990s with the scrollable sidebar on the left. His site is easy to navigate because it’s clean and clear of the usual clutter.

Considering most websites look the same and have the same busy elements, a simple, clean design will go a long way to catch a visitor’s eye.

  1. A phone number in your header

If you’d like to get visitors to call you, include your phone number in the header of your website on every page. The upper right corner is typically the best location. Adding your phone number to your header ensures visitors can call you at any point in time while they’re browsing your website, regardless of the page they’re viewing.

Capture stronger interest and get more conversions

Whether you’re looking for email subscribers or sales, an interesting website will help you get what you’re after. Although capturing a visitor’s interest won’t guarantee their conversion, it will increase the chance of them converting. 


So, if your goal is to increase conversions – whether it’s signups, video plays, or sales – start grabbing visitor interest by strategically adding page elements to your website.

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