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Here, we present to you, a new WordPress theme directory that has just been launched and is set to revolutionize the way people select WordPress themes!

There are thousands of WordPress themes that have been created in the recent past and it gets quite tough to review which theme is useful and which one isn’t. While WordPress theme directories have been springing up on the internet in large numbers, there aren’t many sites that review the themes. is a newly launched site that has done some much needed research to offer reviews of each of the theme listed in the directory.

For a WordPress theme to be useful it has to not only be functional with all the necessary widgets and plugins but it also needs to be optimized for search engines. tests and reviews each of the listed themes for SEO purpose too.

The following are some of the main features of this site:

  • The site makes searching for themes quite user friendly
  • Theme Search

    Theme Search

  • Each of the themes listed on the site goes through a rigorous general test to find out how well the theme has been coded. The results of each theme is available in the theme post.
  • An SEO test is performed to check how SEO friendly a theme is.
  • Based on the tests and the results of these tests, good themes are awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze rating.

Gold WordPress Themes

Gold Logo – Awarded to themes over 90%

Gold WordPress Themes

Silver Logo – For themes between 75-89%

Gold WordPress Themes

Bronze Logo – For themes between 60-74% presented bloggers with a much needed theme directory that tests and offers theme reviews, making it much easier to select the best theme of your choice.

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