Their Website Is Better Than Yours!

This is what your customers could be saying about you. A website is now the first port of call for most customers, and the quality of the website in question plays a big part in how long a customer actually stays engaged before they plod along to another website. That website might be slicker, smoother, better laid out etc. You’ll then hear them saying, ‘their website is better than yours!’. Now, since pretty much everything is done through the internet now, the last thing you want is to be ruining your chances of a sale due to the quality of your website. So, below is a little checklist of things that your website needs to meet, if not, you know you’ve got a few things to change!


Speed & Ease Of Use


There’s nothing worse than things going slow, no matter what we’re talking about. But with a website, the speed determines the turnover your website has. If a customer is able to move fluidly from one page to another with very little delay, they’re obviously going to stay. If you ever have any complaints about speed, address them quickly and look to see if the server is the issue, which in most cases it is. If not, it could be the hosting you’ve chosen. All you need to do is pay a little more for that better quality. Speed in turn improves ease of use, again, essential for customer satisfaction. Your main focus when it comes to ease of use should be on the payment part of your website. It is usually the most complicated and most frustrating part for a customer. Having things such as accounts so that details are saved will improve ease of use, and making sure you’ve got a wide range of payment methods available, such as Paypal, are essential.


Design & Layout


The design is swaying more to the aesthetics side of things, but aesthetics plays a huge part in how potential customers view your website. A poor design can easily lead to the ease of use being damaged. So, what you could do check out websites such as to see if they can come up with a better design for you. A lot of companies offer a user based design, which means it’s purely designed for the user to try and boost your conversion rates. If you haven’t looked into conversion rates before now, you definitely should do. As for the layout, the smoother and simpler things are, the better off you’re going to be.


Product Marketing


Marketing your products through your website should be one of the top things on your list of things to do. One way of doing so is by using tactics such as SEO. SEO’s main goal is to improve your rankings in Google to a webpage, or indeed to categories within a webpage. This in turn will boost the attention your products are getting. Technically you’re killing two birds with one stone by using this technique.

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