12 Professional Accounting Logo Designs For Firms

I have worked on quite a few accounting logo design project, and I know it could be difficult to create a unique personality for the brand. This is because accounting is not the most exciting profession visually. It’s hard to think of what you can use as imagery which will really stand out against the crowd. I think the logo designers here have done a great job of creating different accounting logos depending on the look and feel that the client was asking for. For example the first logo and still the thoughts of an old-timey established company. Where the second logo uses flat and minimalist symbols to create a modern and hip looking accounting firm. Logo number 5 is another one of my favorite logos as it uses a lot of circles to create a beautiful outline of an owl. One of the most generic accounting logos is number 7. It is the type of logo which you would expect an accounting firm to have.  I think something that is really interesting to look at is the presentation of the last logo. You will notice that the logo design is superimposed on top of an image which has a full color put on top of it. Those this logo is not that special, the presentation really helps it to stand out. This is something to think about for your next logo project.

1. Opulent Accounting

Opulent accounting logo

This is a photo of an opulent-looking accounting logo featuring two gold pillars surrounding a fancy emblem.

Designed by Josiah Jost.


2. Accounting Symbols Design

Green accounting logos

This is a photo of an accounting logo featuring various accounting symbols set to a green color scheme.

Designed by Alen Pavlovic.


3. Blue Calculator

Blue calculator design

This is a photo of a blue calculator logo including white book instead of a screen.

Designed by Muhammad Ali Effendy.


4. Accounting Mountain Design

Mountain style accounting logo

This is a photo of an accounting firm logo that includes a mountain, an arrow, and a firm name all in mint-green coloring.

Designed by Matija B.


5. Wise Accounting

Owl accounting logo

This is a photo of a purple owl logo that’s positioned above an accounting company’s name.

Designed by Gedas Meskunas.


6. Moon Accounting Logo

Savings accounting logo

This is a photo of an accounting logo that features a blue moon combines with the letter ‘S’ and text underneath.

Designed by Saeful Anhar.


7. Classy Accounting Firm

Classy accounting firm logo

This is a photo of a classy-looking accounting firm logo that has purple initials and a white background.

Designed by Jared Gase.


8. Bookkeeping Design

Green bookkeeping logo

This is a photo of an accounting logo with a bookkeeping design and green coloring.

Designed by David Sankey.


9. RW Accountancy Logo

Blue Accounting services design

This is a photo of an accounting firm’s logo that has an abacus in the center and blue text on either side of it.

Designed by Laura Kalbag.


10. Cloud Accounting

Accounting cloud logo

This is a photo of a white cloud that’s raining accounting symbols into a blue puddle.

Designed by Nick Edlin.


11. Bar Graphs

Bar graph design

This is a photo of an accounting logo that includes white bar graphs and the firm name in white text.

Designed by Rafael Ramirez.


12. Accounting Pages

Orange accounting pages logo

This is a photo of an orange accounting logo that includes three pages with a ‘%’ on the first one.

Designed by Md. Shamsuddin.

Written by Joshua Soukup


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