How Outsourcing Your Marketing Content Writing

Google has around 3.35 million results for ‘content writing’, which clearly shows that the hype about this keyword is real.

Content writing is a vital part of digital marketing. This is the reason that people use content for brand awareness, customer loyalty, lead generation, new customers, introduction to a product, service or agency and various other marketing purposes.

The ROI of content marketing is up to 88% however, the determined ROI entirely depends on your organization’s content creation practices.

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Is Your In-house Team Effective Enough?

Even if you have developed a seemingly great team for content creation and management, you may not be able to generate your determined ROI. Why? The complex process of content writing is based on various steps that include designing the content according to your brand image, researching the target market, researching necessary statistics and facts about the topic and writing the content in a convincing manner.

Your research source or the source of your content should be authentic and reliable. Finally, the content is edited to ensure that it is readable, simple, engaging and understandable. Your content should also project your brand values and serve marketing purposes.

What Goes Wrong?

A few content writing and marketing mistakes should not stop your team from generating creative content. However, the problem is that the content marketing industry is continuously changing and evolving. Each year, Google and other major search engines introduce new algorithms and rules to ensure the distribution of high quality and informative content to the masses. The change is so aggressive that your team may lag behind if it does not adapt to the latest content creation and marketing techniques.

For active and effective content marketing, you need quantity along with the quality. A majority of the in-house content marketing teams struggle with creating quality content in large quantities. After content writing, your teams need to devise effective content distribution, marketing, and follow-up strategies to generate the determined ROI and it is a struggle in itself.

Pros of Outsourcing Content Writing

As mentioned earlier, content writing is the backbone of your digital marketing plan. If you look at recent blogging statistics you will see that 64% of B2B marketers outsource their writing. Everyone else is getting on the trend, so why should you miss out? By outsourcing content writing, you will not only strengthen your core digital marketing plan but you can also reap various other benefits. These include:

Saving Money and Time

The cost of outsourced content is not only reasonable, but it is also restricted to the quantity of usable content. Let’s break it down.

Scalability–The biggest benefit of outsourcing content writing is that you will receive the determined quality and quantity of content while remaining within your budget. When planning your monthly budget, you can calculate the costs, compare market rates and create a budget for content writing. Above all, the main advantage is that you will not have to pay for unusable content!

Restricted Cost Outsourced content writing means that you have to pay the price for usable content only. For example, you hire a team of three people for content writing. The average salary of each employee is $3,500, which means that you will invest at least $£10,500 per month in content writing. Each member of your team is writing 20,000 words per month or 60,000 words in total, which means that you are paying $5.714 per word for content writing.

Have a look at outsourced content writing. The average cost of high-quality content is $12.5 per 300 words. If you receive 60,000 words in a month by outsourcing content writing, you will be investing $2,528 only [(60,000/300)*12.5]. It is a very simple and practical calculation that clearly highlights the benefits of outsourcing your content, such as saving up to 2/3rd of your money which you can use for other purposes.

Latest Digital Marketing Techniques

Professional content writing service providers follow all the latest content writing rules and algorithmic requirements of search engines. By outsourcing content writing to a reliable service provider, you can minimise the chances of failure.

Consistency, Creativity and Productivity

Effective digital marketing requires you to build and maintain B2C relations and follow-up on your prospects. By outsourcing content writing, you can keep your social media profiles and ad platforms updated. It also adds variety to your brand reputation online.

Well-Distributed Energy and Enthusiasm

Content writing can be exhausting. Many entrepreneurs prefer DIY content writing to save money, and end up stressed with minimum profits. If creative burnout reflects in your content, you may lose potential customers. In contrast, when you outsource your content writing needs, your workload reduces and you can thus focus on other aspects of your business.

Outsourced content writing pulls you out from the all-or-nothing situation. Even if you do not get 100% ROI, you will generate some profits in return of your investment. Simply put, you get quality and quantity along with saving your time and money by outsourcing your content writing.

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