Mistakes you must avoid at all cost as first-time website owner

Have you just recently launched a business website? Or any type of website for that matter? Still looking to have one built for your business? Learning to avoid the top mistakes new website owners make will provide you with the edge against your competition and build a website that not only looks great but also produces the revenue you desire.  You will find a lot of difference between creating a website and building an online business.  Most business owners today began looking to build an online business ended owning a website.


Websites are awesome tools for any businesses’ web presence and they effectively aid in relaying and highlighting valuable information about your services and business.  An online business will not only achieve all of this, but it can also entice new customers to your business through the internet.  There are a few main differences between these two website building strategies and by knowing the mistakes you must avoid at all cost as a first-time website owner will lead you to an effective web building strategy.


Lack of responsive design

More than 40% of the searches today are done through smartphones and tablets, therefore having a website that can display rightly on those devices will be of utmost importance. Recent estimates found out that less than 17% of the websites today have been built with responsive web design. Recently, Google has come up with an update that penalizes non-responsive websites in the mobile searches. This is a serious problem for businesses that generate leads online.


Using free website builders

Many companies offer free website building apps that let users launch almost any website type in no time. The biggest issue with these services is that the app itself add lines to the code, which can often result in a slower site that can lead to multiple errors and performance issues over time for your business. Moreover, most of these free website builders also add advertisements on the website output, which can make your business look unprofessional and unserious to clients, which can result to loss of interest and even potential sales.


Bad design elements

There are a lot of businesses, big or small that are guilty of either overdoing or altogether overlooking the design elements of the website. A lot of customizations distract the readers, causing them to get confused over what was being offered, sometimes even hurting the sales. However, don’t use too little design features and content since it can also become a turn off for the readers. In short, it is essential to find a balance.


Lack of quality content

One of the most crucial ranking criteria for any search engine is the content quality of a website. Domain owners typically spend hundreds of dollars for building stunning and sleek sites and then pay the actual text content a small care.


Not securing website information

  The most website these days aren’t protected, especially start-ups whose web development companies didn’t explicitly told them that they need domain privacy. You must protect yourself from whois, the world’s largest domain database. You might not know this, buy an unsecured website means your personal and business information can be seen by anyone who bothers to look through whois.


The WhoIs domain search database provides an extensive list of every single domain currently registered in the world. You can find out who owns a particular domain name by typing it into the search box. In short, you can avoid the items above, but it won’t matter much if you don’t have a secure website.


Perhaps the worst you can do to your website as a first-timer is not keeping it updated. Only through continuous updates can a website hope to be a force that can compete in today’s fast-paced online business world. Use the knowledge you gained to avoid the mistakes above and you’ll be well on your way as a successful online business owner.

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