Meet Koken, the Free Content Management System for Designers and Photographers

Koken provides photographers, designers, artists and creative DIYs with a free system to manage, edit and publish web sites of their work.

It is also a development platform for web designers and developers to build themes, plugins, and custom sites for their clients.

The CMS consists of 3 major parts : media, text and site.


Koken offers excellent management of your uploaded images and videos  through it’s desktop-like interface. You can group media with albums, then group albums with sets. Media is independent and may be shared across multiple albums. Everything can be tagged and categorized. Images with IPTC are automatically classified using their metadata after upload. You can upload new versions of existing images and videos anytime. All media data and site links are maintained.

Koken Media Library


Koken allows you to write about portfolio updates, inspiration, or anything that comes to mind. Images, videos, slideshows, tweets, and even content from Flickr, Instagram and Vimeo are a snap to display.

Koken Text and Writting Component


Your site’s customization can be easily done through the simple style controls inside the built-in console or you can write your own CSS. Site edits are saved as drafts automatically and may be reverted to anytime without affecting your live site. You can see all the changes through the live preview function.

Koken Site Component

Probably the best feature of all is that Koken is free to download and use. So, enjoy !

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