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Logo design: 7 trends you need to know about

Did you know it takes consumers about 10 seconds to form an opinion of something they see and it will take them 5-7 impressions to remember a brand logo. Enough reason to create a visually attractive and catchy logo. But, how to choose the right logo? Well, designing and picking a logo just got a whole lot easier for you! Have a look at the following logo design trends try to stick to the basic rules of logo design: create a logo that is clean, adaptable, relevant and uncommon.

Playful typography

Maybe, when you think of a logo, you think of an icon. But did you know that most logos are text based? Who thinks a text logo is boring should think again. Using a split (a break between letters) or chaotic typography can disrupt the text in an eye-catching way, while handwritten typography gives an inclusive feel. 

Shining bright

Using colors that are close to your brand, pick some vibrant colors to make your logo really stand out. Be sure to test your colors in print though, before picking your final logo design as in print the colors may not look as vivid as on a screen.

Graphic shapes

When you’re using graphic lines and shapes in your logo design, it gives you endless possibilities to create a stylish and easily recognizable logo. Combine them, layer them or just stick with one shape to create that striking logo you’re after.

Created for social media

With the rise of social media not only marketing strategies have to be tailored to a wide range of social networks, also your logo will need to be adaptable to fit the specs of the various social profiles. Most profile images are square, some are round and none of them offer a lot of space for copy as they are mostly shown as small thumbnails.

You may need to design an easily recognizable logo that fits the profile frame on your social media outlets or you could decide to redesign your logo all together and go for a graphic-only design.


Using the benefit of screens again, you could choose to bring some animation to your logo for all your online efforts. Whether you are slowly fading it in, drawing it out or having it blink for some attention, bringing some life to your logo will surely captivate your website visitors.

Paint it over

Another great way to bring some life to your logo design is by giving it a lick of paint. Using a digital paintbrush and daring and lively colors, you can give your logo depth and make it stand out from the crowd.

Pile it up

Last, but certainly not least, is the art of stacking up. You can stack letters or words and create new shapes with them. The text will become a graphic logo. Not only is this the perfect solution for companies with long names, but it also solves the social media profile picture issue raised earlier.

These trends can be used to design your logo or simply update your existing one, but, more important than any trend, your logo should represent your brand! It should have meaning and be a link to what your business is all about. You can go as crazy as you want with (re)designing your logo, but if it does not reflect your brand values or core product offer it loses its purpose and value.

For another great article on logo design check out “The 4 Fundamentals of Logo Design”.

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