Top 10 Custom Interior Design Wallpapers

Wallpapers have never been much of a conversation starter unless you’re talking about how tacky the old stuff is in the new apartment. Today it’s a different story. Thanks to digital printers, customizable interior design wallpapers are easy to install and can be featured in a variety of exciting ways. These are some of my favorite examples of how graphic design is pairing with interior design to create immersive work places, artwork, and a unique experience.

Grovelands Got a New Look

Green Office Wallpaper

This is a perfect example of how businesses are transforming their working offices with custom wallpaper to add inspiration to the workplace. It’s impossible for everyone to have a window view in the office, but this way everyone gets the feeling they’re in an old growth forest at spring time. I imagine grey winters in Brighton are made a bit more pleasant by this mural. More info and images here.

Twitter’s New Office

Twitter Lounge

When the social media giant moved offices they decided to liven the place up with some custom wallpaper as well. This sunray design is nothing new, but I love how much they chose to fade it to black which enhances the effect.

Twitter Office Interior

And of course the twitter office features plenty of birds. This flock design gives the sense of movement, and also reinforces the “team” aspect of the work space. While I love the wallpaper, I wish they would do something with the doors.

Breaking Tradition in the Kitchen

Hot Kitchen

Wood cabinets are beautiful, the first 10,000 times you see them. This design idea isn’t afraid to be bold and may err on the side of being too bold. This is a strong example of how digitally printed wallpaper can carry an idea through multiple surfaces and depths, and doesn’t have to be applied to exclusively to walls.

Pantone at Home

Pantone at home

What graphic designer wouldn’t want this pantone themed wall that was digitally printed? Custom wallpaper is usually printed off in four foot sheets (at the widest) and has to installed carefully to help the lines match up. You’ll always see a faint line where two panels meet, but this kind of design could be sized correctly to hide the panel breaks in the grid.

Extending a Room

Eiffel Tower interior wallpaper

While a picture of the Eiffel Tower might have been cliché or overpowering, everything in this room comes together to create a stellar affect. The long dining table and runner draw the eye into the picture rather than onto the picture; the false wall separates the dining room from the kitchen, but the picture helps the room from feeling small; the soft gray tones match the décor which also make the room feel larger; and finally the thick walls around the custom wallpaper draw the eye in further, and act as frames to highlight the photo.

Bring the Ball Game to You

Rangers Lobby

The Texas Rangers wanted their lobby to be an immersive experience and they nailed it with this large scale picture that makes it feel like visitors are entering the stadium on opening day. The rich colors are balanced out be the richness of the wood, and even the elevator doors have printing on them to keep have printing on them to keep the image flowing.

Mapping it Out

Custom Map Wallpaper

Map wallpaper is still fresh enough to not be cliché, and it adds a dynamic and engaging quality to the wall. Since you can print whatever you’d like on custom wallpaper you can choose a map piece that is meaningful to you or feature the local area which could actually prove handy.

Surreal Design

Surreal Design

What might have been a basic checkered design becomes so much more when the lines are warped to fit around the lamps. The lighting from the classic lamps reinforces the argyle theme by creating an illusion of highlighted and dark areas. While I wouldn’t want this on my wall, it shows how creative you can get with other features in the room and how you can really influence the feel of a room.

Industrial Look Without the Cost

Concrete Wallpaper

This innovative idea by Tom Haga brings the rough appearance of concrete to any room without the cost or upkeep of the actual thing. A major drawback to “faking” real materials is that you often get repeating sections which ruins the experience, but Haga uses high resolution photographs of actual concrete to make sure no patterns ever repeat. This technique could be used in nature as well and you could transform a room or wall into a New Mexican red wall cave, wrap a pole to look like tree bark, create an icy basement, or whatever you can think of.

Bright Ideas

Light Source Wallpaper

I don’t know why this guy looks so depressed when he’s sitting next to wallpaper that is so cool! Jonas Samson has developed this 2D wallpaper that emits light. It is known as Ecco Luce and the panels are personalized, remote controllable, can be colored or white lite, are dimmable, and have other features.

Written by Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett is a freelance writer for the large format printing and custom wallpaper expert, and blogs on the topics of design and printing.

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