How to create the Sony-Ericsson logo – Photoshop tutorial

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34 Responses

  1. Sagar says:

    I cant see any steps to create sony ericson logo here .. Pls write down the step to create it..

  2. Alex says:

    @Sagar …. the Youtube video explains how to create the Sony Ericsson logo.

  3. Very nice explanation! I already made the logo in PS, very nice! Greatings

  4. Nokia Themes says:

    I followed step by step, in CS2 but didnt get the desired result :s now um downloading CS3 🙂

  5. Creating a Logo – Excellent tutorial on Logo design in Adobe Illustrator. Every tutorial provides dissimilar way of get done a logo design.

    Post by David

  6. zenaire says:

    Great help and thanks for sharing such work with a video…

  7. pakaworld says:

    I believe if you write the steps down it will be go than, the video thing. I practice will reading it, so in this case i can’t watch the video while doing the work. So write it for us. Thank you

  8. sneha says:

    good job !!!

  9. Salilartist says:

    very good & doing best work

  10. B. Duncan says:

    In the professional world you would get back handed for creating a logo in photoshop… What if you needed that logo on the side of a building off the 405 in LA or something….It has to be Vector!! Bad advice from the start. Never build a logo in photoshop.

  11. Alex Ionescu says:

    It’s an educative video. The original designers of the Sony Ericsson logo obviously used a vectorial software.

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