Have a Happy Easter with the Freepik Easter Mix Freebie

There are plenty of things to love about Easter whether it be warmer weather or delicious chocolate. With Freepik’s Easter mix collection freebie there is one more thing to add to the list. With a range of animated designs, this freebie celebrates everything adorable about the holiday. You can choose from a mischievously adorable bunny frolicking around to multicoloured Easter eggs. This freebie collection really does combine great delight with great design.

The collection has banners, cards, pictures, and badges all at your disposal. You can literally add some colour to your Easter with an energetic colour palette. You can choose from warm sunny oranges to bright bold blues. As well you can choose to have a little furry white companion with pointy ears. You can join him on his adventures hopping around or sleeping in dreamful bliss.

You can really have fun with each design and use it for a variety of different purposes. Perhaps you would like to create some bags for a tip secret Easter egg hunt. Or some little surprise boxes or gift bags. What’s more, you can find more fun-filled easter designs of Freepik. So enjoy this easter and our fabulous freebie, we think it will be the best yet!


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