13 Great Horse Logo Design Examples And Ideas

Today we have 13 awesome horse logo designs for your review. The horse is often used as an image for logo design. The majestic creature works with many different brands. Now take this inspiration and ride off to your next design project!

1. Purple Horse

Horse with Purple mane

This is a photo of a horse’s head and mane with a purple color scheme.

Designed by Arif Rachman Hakim.


2. Horse Crest

Horse crest design

This is a photo of a pink horse logo with a crest design.

Designed by Alexander Lazarev.


3. Blue Horse

Blue horse mascot logo

This is a photo of an aggressive-looking horse logo with a blue and white color scheme.

Designed by david lopez.


4. Jetpack Horse

Jetpack horse design

This is a photo of a horse logo wearing a jetpack and a circular design in the background.

Designed by Jord Riekwel.


5. Majestic Horse

orange horse logo

This is a photo of a majestic, orange horse logo.

Designed by Yuri Kartashev.


6. Sophisticated Horse Design

Brown Horse emblem

This is a photo of a sophisticated horse logo with leaves on either side of it and a brown color scheme.

Designed by Logo machine.


7. Watercolor Horse

Watercolor designed horse

This is a photo of a horse with a beautiful watercolor design.

Designed by Lina Bo.


8. Handy Horse

Horse with hand logo

This is a photo of a horse logo that features a hand on the horse’s mane.

Designed by Yuri Kartashev.


9. Thunder Horse

Electric red horse

This is a photo of a red horse logo that is bucking its hind legs and features a thunderbolt design.

Designed by Gregory Grigoriou.


10. Simple Horse Design

Simple black line horse

This is a photo of a simple horse design that is composed of a continuous black line.

Designed by Luke Southern.


11. Realistic Horse

Realistic Horse Logo

This is a photo of a realistic horse logo with a blue and white colors.

Designed by ryan weaver.


12. Loyal Pony

Horse on a pedestal

This is a photo of a black horse standing on a pedestal with its head bowed.

Designed by Gert van Duinen.


13. Horse with Flag

Horse holding flag

This is a photo of a basic horse logo that features a flag and blue & white coloring.

Designed by Nick Slater.

Written by Joshua Soukup

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